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PowerPoint vs Keynote, Which One is Better?


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For a long time, if someone asked about making a presentation, the most answer is PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is so popular in the presentation industry that the word is considered synonymous with a presentation itself. But now, Keynote is the first choice for Mac users. Both are software for making a presentation. The only question hanging is, PowerPoint vs Keynote, which one is better?

 Let’s analyze it from each other pros and cons! 

PowerPoint pros and cons


User-friendly: The user interface is quite user-friendly, easy to use from a noob to master design.
Easy to integrate: The software allows you to easily add Excel tables, editing it straight from Excel without quitting PowerPoint.

PowerPoint’s popularity is its main selling point. It can also conveniently add animations and graphs that make the slides richer in context. PPT slides can be exported to YouTube without stress. The program is also designed to manage different text formats so it’s ideal for text-heavy slides.


Design fluff: PowerPoint can give an illusion of coherence and control even if there’s little substance or context to the slides.
Convenient props: The slides can sometimes turn into convenient props if you are unprepared and unfocused. You may just simply abbreviate topics and messages on the slides and get away with it rather than give an actual presentation.
Equipment required: To fully optimize PowerPoint, you must have both a computer and projector in place to present the slides.

Well, it can be underlined that PowerPoint is the safe presentation software for all range peoples, especially new users. They will easily adapt to the software’s straightforwardness.

Keynote pros and cons


Product integration: Keynote’s integration with other iPhones, iPads, and iPods is100% smooth.
Transparency effects: It allows you to smoothly blend an image background into the slide background and creating a transparent effect.

Keynote features a neat, eye-catching design. It presents a variety of built-in templates that give the slides a modern perspective. The program also provides engaging themes, cool animation effects, and streamlined transitions.


Exclusivity: Keynote slides don’t work with Microsoft systems. Although you can export your slides into PPT, it won’t guarantee that everything will be presented the same way. Often, exported files lose bits and pieces of the graphics or animations used.
Time-consuming: If you’ve used PowerPoint before and have now switched to Keynote, the learning process can be time-consuming and, at times, frustrating.

In some ways, Apple’s Keynote is PowerPoint 2.0. It’s a more sophisticated and design-driven version. Keynote the ideal program if you want to create slides that are complex-looking or “techy.”

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Which one is better, then?

The answer is; use whatever suits your needs. If you are new to presentation design, you better use PowerPoint because it is easy to understand and not too complex for the newbie. But if you are an expert designer and want to present your works in an edgy, complex, and techy way, then use Keynote. You will improve your personal branding.

Keep in mind that when you’re creating a presentation, you must choose the program that offers you convenience, versatility, and high-quality output. If you’ll look closely, PowerPoint and Keynote offer parallel features. Both can be used to create a top-notch presentation. So, it’s up to you to decide which one is more up your alley. What do you think about this “Powerpoint vs Keynote” write-up?

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