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3 Qualities of Presentation Agency You Deserve for FREE

3 Qualities of Presentation Agency You Deserve for FREE

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Are you looking for a presentation agency? Simple. You just can find it on the internet, there are many of them around. The price ranges are also varied. $3/slide until $50/slide, depends on what sort of services they have.

Regularly, they have 3 service models to meet your content and guideline. The differences of those service models usually appeal to their quantity (slide quotas in one order) and how fast your project needs to be returned. And yet, you probably start wondering, if it’s all about quantity and speed, then where does the quality go?

As a client, you have to consider that too, unless you have such a willingness to throw money for ugly results. You should know what to expect once doing a project with a presentation design agency, and it’s impossible if you have never done any, while there are so many options out there that look promising. Sadly, only a few of you are acquainted with the way those agencies work, so you just send your work to them recklessly. And often, that sort of act may lead to some regrets.

Therefore, before you make contact with them and pay for the bad result, you have to consider these things:

That agency must understand your brand

Brand delivers values. Brand sticks in your head. Brand is when you remember that KFC has 11 secret recipes of the bearded old man. It’s very basic and a design agency must understand its concept. Behind those pictures, there’s a consistency within its color, font, and logo.

Above is a project from Enerjoy project, a smart sales platform that uses the Machine Learning engine and gamification approach. The main color of their company is purple, or more like a lightning blue. And their markets are targeted youth and bootstrappers start-up. Therefore, it’s important to put some photos that are related to their audience as well. A good design agency should implement those elements in their presentation.

That agency must know what’s effective for you

It is true that you can spill anything you want in your presentation. However, if you don’t understand the function of a particular shape, your work will be worthless.

Here’s the case study: I bet you can’t differentiate the function of a tree diagram and a fishbone diagram. Or, let’s take a look at a more simple case: Most of us are still applying a flowchart as a bullet point. Yep. Many of us are still doing such ambiguous things in a presentation.

Above is a game plan agriculture project. As you can see, there is a super complex chart in an image format. A good presentation design service needs to be somewhat accurate to communicate such complex things, otherwise the audience won’t be understood. Then there is the ‘infrastructure’ kind of mind map above that is transformed into a house. It makes the audience grasp the idea that a house has a roof, room, and floor, which acts as a structure of a building. It’s like making a metaphor to let the mindmap speak for itself.

That agency must have a good taste

Just picture if you have a minimalist furniture shop, but then you deliver a pitch-deck with sparkling colors and luxury graphic elements. Well, congratulations! You just lose an investor.

The slides above are minimalist, but a good designer certainly can turn them to be more minimalist. Yep, and there, you can see after the presentation is getting retouch, it has more greenies. It’s for creating the nuance of natural environments to their furniture products. And there are more white spaces too, so the presentation looks cleaner without such colors overlay. Those tiny little details can be seen with ‘normal eyes’, but the overview is so contrast, isn’t it? I bet you know which one is more eye-catching.

Those are 3 things you have to put in mind before doing any work with a presentation agency. At least, you have to find one who can assure you with those qualities.

We love our clients so much and we want to give more to them. Now, just think if you can get the qualities mentioned above for free. So before start paying, you will be given the drafts for your upcoming result.  Like if you send 100 slides, we’ll recreate 5 of them, make the previews as a sample, and send it exclusively to you with no cost. 

Whether you’re our returnee clients or the new ones, you can obtain 5 FREE SLIDES BUNDLE for each project you do with us. It certainly will save your money. What is more, this promo has no expiry date, which means you can order several times and still can get the free slides bundle. What are you waiting for? Just start and discuss your project with us. As a client, you will be included since the very beginning of our process. It’s all about connecting your expectation with our designers’ expertise.



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