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21 Best Presentation Design Services to Outsource

presentation design services to outsource

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Ready to outsource but do not know where to start? Here are the 20 best presentation design services to outsource.

As a business owner, you understand how much time and effort it costs to build a company. And there are so many ways to cut through the process by any effective shortcuts you can think of. You could imply one of the recognized methods in your business: outsourcing

Outsourcing your design necessities is a common practice in digital product development nowadays. It may save your budget, time, and stress while allowing you to keep the management of your company’s growth and strategy. Take your secondary task to let them sweep the burden off your shoulder. Your presentation design slide, for example, is one of the secondary responsibilities that are infamous for getting employees stuck on their job because of the time and creativity it needs to create a proper one. 

But still, if you have not previously had experience employing outsourced specialists, you may be concerned about various factors, ranging from the quality of the result to the advantages of potential collaboration for their unique company requirements in the future. You could minimize your doubt by reading our previous article about the benefits you can get by outsourcing a design service here.

And, for those who have been quite sure, here are the 20 best presentation design services to outsource:

1. RRGraph Design

Based in Indonesia, RRGraph is a top-notch presentation design agency. They have been trusted by 3500+ customers from various companies worldwide. RRGraph’s expertise has been acknowledged by well-known global brands, such as Samsung, CNN, BBC, DHL, CAT, Airbnb, and Pertamina. RRGraph is one of the best presentation design services to outsource, definitely for a reason. The services are affordable, ranging from $4 – $10, with the best features possible.

Every client is overwhelmed by the abundance of satisfaction RRGraph offers through their service. They, for sure, always prioritize customers’ experience, proven by the great reviews they get on their website. Excellent quality, sleek design, convenient customer support, and flash-quick turnaround time are RRGraph main concerns, but still, it is not the whole package of advantages you can get yet. What are the others? Discover it yourself by starting your project straight on RRGraph’s website here, and watch out for huge discounts waiting for you!

2. Bikinslide

The other option on the marketplace is Bikinslide, where you can request any presentation design with a fast turnaround time. Bikinslide provides digital production services intending to be a one-stop solution, offering the best service in a wide range of multimedia coverage. They may be your ideal partner for any project or event requiring high-quality digital production. The pricing varies from about $13 – $24 per slide with different features offered. And you can click here for more information.

3. PresentationGeeks

PresentationGeeks is designed for professionals who value their time and are not necessarily experts in design or digital manipulation. Do you remember those Geeks from high school who always did an amazing job with your homework? Well, they have grown up. Now they’re here to make your next presentation a star.

4. Doctorslide

Professional, affordable, and credible, Doctorslide offers keynote and PowerPoint presentation design services trusted by various big corporations in Indonesia and worldwide that have been their clients. Doctorslide will guarantee that the result will be well-designed and easy to understand. Moreover, you will get the outcome in a PowerPoint and PDF, which could easily preview your file before the presentation begins. You can visit Doctorslide’s website here.

5. Elemenslide

As the customer, Elemenslide brings its expertise to the top, guaranteeing that the outcome will satisfy you. Assisted by professionals from design, psychology, and communication science majors, they do not take their credibility for granted to create their finest work. That explains the reason why 2,400+ clients have trusted them. The offer is from $3,5 – $7 per slide, and you can start creating your project here.

6. Slidesignus

Having worked on about 3,000+ projects, Slidesignus has been trusted by various reputable companies, like Nike, Samsung, and Nestle. Slidesignus offers multiple features to support the customers’ convenience, like fast delivery, unlimited revision, and 100% confidentiality. Your design matters to them. So, if you are interested, the procedure is simple, and you can start by paying a visit to the website here.

7. Slidehack

Slidehack has been creating visual design templates for digital marketers and small enterprises since 2010. They have produced thousands of items ranging from presentations (PowerPoint/Google Slides/Keynote), social media templates, logo/branding, prints, landing pages, and fonts. This agency provides various themes throughout their design, such as architecture, business, medical, and others, polished into a fascinating design. Please get to know them more here.

8. Slidepeak

SlidePeak is a professional presentation design agency that assists company owners, marketing teams, teachers or students, and individuals. They carry out research, organize, and demonstrate their findings. Besides, they can also visualize the data by creating high-quality, creative outcomes of presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. They have been approved by their over 5000 customers since 2007. Visit their website here.

9. SlideFactory

SlideFactory is one of the world’s significant presentation and infographic digital resources. Here, you can communicate your thoughts with customized presentations and attractive images that people will notice and connect with. SlideFactory has over seven years of expertise and has created over 10,000 creative designs that enable people to visually present messages worldwide. Hit here to go straight into SlideFactory’s website.

10. 24Slides

By possessing a dedicated team, 24Slides is ready to assist you in delivering your presentations. They specialize in using their visual communication abilities to boost your presentation slide in presenting complex information to your clients in a clean and easy-to-digest way. You can pay for team packages starting from $899 per month and only pay for any part you use. What a deal, right? As one of the best presentation design services to outsource, with a fast turnaround time, 24Slide got your back. Start your project here.

11. Stinson

Stinson is an experienced creative agency based in Toronto that performs worldwide. They maximize the impact of every presentation, assisting businesses in various sectors in presenting their message successfully. They produce accurate, on-brand presentations at important customer conferences and conventions. Get in touch with their creativity here.

12. Slidesbean

Slidebean offers pre-built presentation slides for daily operational purposes and projects such as pitching an investor or providing a customer proposal. As a result, they take a somewhat different strategy for PowerPoint design services than their competitors. They feature finalized and nicely-designed templates that may replace your material. You can check their works here.

13. Superside

The other option of the best presentation design services to outsource is Superside. Superside is less expensive than many widely recognized companies due to set prices. Still, it is also faster, more dependable, and provides quality control with a dedicated Project Manager, something you cannot generally get when working with freelancers independently. Get yourself the other 400+ companies’ advantages after collaborating with Superside. Check it out here.

14. eSlide

eSlide is full of experienced, creative, dedicated professionals who work quickly while keeping the highest quality standards necessary. They could fit your tight deadline, save your budget, and offer various services at best. eSlide responds quickly to your demands and frequently completes full assignments before traditional agencies can even issue an estimated cost. Upgrade your presentation slide with eSlide here.

15. SlideRabbit

SlideRabbit’s presentation design services provide excellent creative innovation to any business, from simple slide design to complicated animations and interactive illustrations, infographics, and visualizations. SlideRabbit also provides custom templates, content consulting, e-learning development, and virtual event support. Get in touch with them on their website here.

16. Visual Spiders

Visual Spiders, based in India, offers PowerPoint and Prezi presentations for $3-$6 per slide and has handled over 500 customers in the eight years since its establishment. This presentation agency can assure you maximum customer satisfaction since we have teams of competent experts on board that have worked on 10,000+ presentations. Connect with them here.

17. BrightCarbon

Bright Carbon is a PowerPoint presentation design agency that prioritizes the information you wish to convey. Their designers and communication experts will find ways to make your material as efficient and accurate as possible and will assist you in visualizing your findings.BrightCarbo offers you a relatively short turnaround time, and the price per ten slides begins at $4500. Go to their website here.

18. Mr. Prezident

Mr. Prezident is a high-end presentation design agency based in Amsterdam and New York. They represent themselves as “the presentation partner of optimistic enterprises” and have collaborated with some of its most well-known companies. Their process involves creating presentations in Prezi (for which they have won awards!), PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and other presentation tools. Timing depends on the complexity of your draft, and the pricing starts at $6000 per 10 slides. Curious? Hit them here.

19. Ethos3

Ethos3 is a presentation design agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. With over a decade of expertise, their inquisitive teams can assist customers in delivering business reports in a delicate yet straightforward way. They have worked with various well-known brands like Nike, Google, Coca-Cola, eBay, etc. Contact them here and check their blog for more resources.

20. Eyeful Presentations

Eyeful Presentations is the leading presentation design agency in the United Kingdom. They are experts in making company presentations stand out, and their products range from presentation storytelling to design services and presentation education. Their primary purpose is to assist you in connecting with your target audience, becoming one of the top 20 best presentation design services to outsource by providing negotiable pricing. And you can start by accessing the link here.

21. Fully Decked Up

Fully Decked Up is a PowerPoint design firm specializing in creating high-quality digital presentations for marketing, reports, forums, and fundraising efforts. You may request that your complex detail data be translated into aesthetically appealing presentations to communicate your point effectively. It would not be a problem for Fully Decked Up. Check their portfolio and features here.

Have you made your decision?

Because the best presentation design services to outsource is the one that could provide your company a great result, a solution to your problem, and reliability for the following future projects. We know that it will eventually come back to personal preferences. But, always be comprehensive about the valuable features and background (advantage, pricing, credibility) that the agencies provide and offer. Importantly, focus on critical aspects such as company size, expertise, industry experience, ideas, strategy, and chemistry.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts!

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