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Want to Create a Sophisticated PowerPoint Presentation Like Professional PowerPoint Design Agency? Try These Free Resources

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Ulfah Alifah
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A Professional PowerPoint design agency can create out-of-world presentation designs. But, for your information, not all of the resources are premium.

When it comes to creating something, there are three main things that you need to have or provide. The first thing you will need is the skill and the availability of tools to do the job, and the third thing you will need is the resources.

None of them is more critical than the other became. You are doing an impossible without one of the jobs. You have the tools and resources without skill, and you will not even know what to create out of those things.

Imagine being a professional cook with a fridge full of meat, but you don’t even have a single pan to make a steak. Worse is when you only have a pan and stove but no meat. While having only skills and resources can be torturing.

With that analogy, you can understand how vital resources are. Even a professional PowerPoint design agency farms resource every day to do the job. The problem is that not all of the resources are free to use.

How can we create a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation like a professional PowerPoint design agency can make if there is no meat to make the steak? Don’t worry because not all of the resources are premium. Many sites provide free resources for everyone to use, and here are some of them.

Free fonts to make your design more than readable

Presentation is all about delivering information, and thus what you write in your PowerPoint slides matters. But using written words is not only about the content. It is also about how you write them down neatly so that every bit of information can be absorbed by your audience.

Using the right fonts for your design is an important task you need to accomplish. Here are some sources that can provide you with tons of free-to-use fonts, which you might need not only for your presentation:

Google Fonts:

Yes, the free-to-use search engine also provides you with high-quality open-source web fonts based on the company’s standards.  


This site provides high-quality resources such as scripts, symbols, professional sans serif, and others that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Font Squirrel:

What you find on this site is free for commercial use licenses. Not only that, but this site also provides a tool called Font Identifier.


If you prefer to search for fonts more categorically, this site will lead you to that experience. What you find here is free to use, but you can donate to the author.

Professional PowerPoint design agency ‘Farm’ free images every day

We think the title says itself. Suppose you feel a professional PowerPoint design agency takes every image they need for their design. In that case, you might be from another planet. Even professionals’ farm’ resources like images for their works.

Many sites provide free-to-use images, and even smaller sites offer good-quality pictures that are allowed for personal and commercial purposes. However, a few doesn’t mean zero, and thus here we provide you with some sources that offer fantastic free-to-use pictures:


One of our favorite sites to farm resources. This photography-community-based site provides high-quality images with an ‘artsy’ feel.


This site is almost similar to Unsplash, and every single image uploaded on this site is released under Creative Commons – CC0 that doesn’t even require attribution to use.

Photo Creator:

This site is a little bit different compared to the two above. Instead of providing you with stock photos, this site allows you to combine stock photos into your unique image.

New Old Stock:

If you need retro images or vintage photos from public archives, visit this site. All of the pictures are copyright-free and can be used for non-commercial use.

Graphic illustrations for some dreamy alternative

Sometimes your vision can’t be described well with stock photos, like when you want to put a picture of Tom Cruise riding a cyan-colored unicorn over the rainbow. Of course, stock photos will not provide such images, at least for free.

In many cases, reality can heavily limit our creativity. Therefore, you should consider graphic illustrations instead because they are not bound to reality. Some sites provide free graphic pictures that professional PowerPoint design agencies usually ‘farm’ on.

Erm, maybe you should not put much hope into the picture of Tom Cruise riding a cyan-colored unicorn over the rainbow.

Lukasz Adam:

This site is created by a web designer who has made many high-quality illustrations. Not only are the works accessible, but we can also use them for commercial purposes.


This site is made by another artist, Pablo Stanley. It provides vector illustrations of humans that can be edited and transformed as you wish.


While Photo Creator works on mixing and matching photography images, Ouch, pics do that with graphic illustrations. Both of them are made by the same Icons8.

Never mess with your color palette because…

By choosing the right color, your audience can even know what you will talk about before your presentation starts. But when you choose the wrong color for your PowerPoint presentation, let alone its combination, you can even ruin your entire career.

Know that a professional PowerPoint design agency will not ignore the importance of color palettes. But how can we know which shade of red is suitable for your presentation? That’s not our job, because these free sites will provide you with such kind of ideas:

Adobe Color:

This site will help you to create a color scheme for your presentation. Not only that, but with Adobe Color, you can discover current color trends for various purposes from its creative community.

Color Lisa:

Try this site if you need an A1 inspiration for your presentation’s color palette. Color Lisa compiled color palettes from many great artists for free.

Material Design Color Palette:

This site is for you if you don’t want a popular color palette or great artists’ color palettes but want to use your company’s signature colors. It can create a beautiful color palette based on the color combination of your input.

Iconic destinations to collect free icons

Icons are essential and should not be overlooked by professional PowerPoint design agencies because of their tiny size. They are one of the simplest ways to beautify your slides, and sometimes they can even explain things when words fail to express them.

Don’t you believe us? Here are some sites that will give you a lot of free icons. Grab them all, and try to put them in your PowerPoint presentation.

Squid. Ink:

You will discover thousands or millions of icons that you can use for any purpose on this site. However, you are given 50 only free icons as a free sample at first.


This site plays with simplicity and creativity. You can browse freely here or search for the specific icons with the categories.

The Noun Project:

This site contains over 2 million icons created by the global community. Every day, new icons are uploaded by creators in the community.

Bonus: free tools used by a professional PowerPoint design agency

So, you have reached this far. We must appreciate that, and that’s why we will give you a bonus of some free tools you can use to improve your work in designing PowerPoint presentations. Here are the free tools we often use:


This site is an entirely free image editor that can do almost anything you hope for. It provides the tools you need even for complex image manipulation.


Because we also deal a lot with vector-based graphics, we also need a vector-based graphic editor. Inkscape is a free option for that, and it can run on any operating system.

Vector Magic:

Anyway, if we need to convert an image into a vector for further tracing, this program provides exemplary work. Again, it is free to use


To avoid using images with copyrights, TinEye is the program you want to consult to. Just upload the image you want to use, and it will search the entire web to find its source.

Bigger bonus: visit our freebies for design inspirations (or use them directly)

You have the resources necessary to create a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation as a professional PowerPoint design agency makes. You also have some valuable tools to help you do an excellent job.

Somehow, you still cannot find inspiration about how to execute your ideas into practice. Relax, we will also help you get that because we are many good people. You can visit our freebies page for inspiration for neatly designed PowerPoint presentation designs.

You can also take a peek at our works posted in the marketplace or our portfolio in Behance. Many of them were made only with the free resources and tools that we mentioned above. So, chef, it is time to cook your steak. Medium rare, please.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts!

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