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After five years, we have been growing as a graphic design agency specializing in PowerPoint. We have realized that the tool has great potential—which is not limited only to presentation usage.


The work is depicted with a seamless visual design, which can deliver messages and spread ideas, giving one a more excellent value. Hundreds, even thousands of our clients have shown their satisfaction with our effort and service. Because we believe, in the end, everyone is just craving for the best result, no matter how conventional our method is.

That is the courage we want to hold in #startwithpower. Although our teams are not significant with traditional software and our clients are just small business owners and bootstrappers seeking funding, so long everyone dares to act, the change will eventually happen.

And here, we want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with taking a small step and whispering to yourself to have such…


Along with this movement, we gladly introduce some ideas that we can run together.

Now it’s your time to speak up


From your struggle at the office, in-depth analysis of design trends, and presentation tips & tricks, we are here to cover them all. We are curious about things that we don’t know, and we want to see them from a broader perspective, even if it’s not from the expert. Hence we invite you to be part of our article contributor, to share your unlike and thoughtful ideas.

There are neither strict requirements nor specific rules in our publication. Nevertheless, it would help if you considered our article category ranging from the creative industry, design tips & tricks, self-improvement, and PowerPoint tutorial. We will read every piece of content and curate one to be published every week, and then we will share it in our marketing channels. We hope to read your writings soon!

Let’s grow & collaborate


Appreciation is always a good thing. Most people love being recognized online, and it creates the so-called word of mouth that could mean more engagement for a person or business. In this challenging time, we invite you to support each other by giving a shout-out.

If you have artwork, a portfolio, or a small content creator who needs exposure and wants to find the right client, you can rely on us. It is simple, send your work (it could be a link or an e-mail attachment) to our team. After all, we will choose the best one, share it on our social media, and recommend your stuff to our networks. So let’s build more incredible connections and grow together.

We’ll give more than just slides

We try our best to develop versatile slides that the user is not only for presentation and improve our service quite unlike any other agency. Since starting, we have worked to improve the usability of what PowerPoint or Keynote slides can do. Over the next year, we will strive for our mission while we work to:

• Multipurpose slides

We launch templates for social media’s feed, CV, and infographics that can be edited effortlessly with PowerPoint.

• Affordable price

Our service starts at $4/slide, and the most expensive product we make is $15. But we guarantee you good quality.

• User-centric product

All templates are 100% customizable. We have essential customer services that are always ready to help you and a simple payment system.

#startwithpower results from hours of conversations, brainstorming sessions, and meetings with our teams. We have worked to craft something meaningful, something that we can work on to help our clients, users, partners, and everyone. But it is just the beginning. As we continue building RRGraph, we want to hear from you about the good or bad stuff. We are on this journey together, and we can’t wait to reach the finish line with you.

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