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Steve Jobs’ Fascinating Presentation Style: How to Create It Smoothly


Table of Contents

Steve Jobs’ fascinating presentation style to create

Did you notice how brilliant Steve Jobs optimizes every stage presence? Here’s how you can copy Steve Jobs’ engaging presentation style!

Almost no one does not know about Steve Jobs in this digital age. Steve Jobs was notably one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the last few decades with his well-known brand, Apple, which has grown into a giant tech company and dominated the related market.

You can find his product in your hands, next to you, on your nightstand, and almost everywhere. According to JakartaPost, Apple Inc on Monday became the first company to hit a US$3 trillion stock market value, before ending the day a hair below that milestone, as investors bet the iPhone maker will keep launching best-selling products as it explores new markets such as automated cars and virtual reality.

Steve Jobs became indistinguishable from the product he has been working on to the point where they symbolize each other.

For example, when someone mentions Steve Jobs, one must think “that must be Apple’s Steve Jobs,” and vice versa. 

Of course, becoming the face of his own company had become one of the proofs of the dedication and persona he presented to the public. 

Steve Jobs’ stage presence

Steve Jobs had one particular iconic image every time he came up to the people to introduce the newest update about his gadget. He showed up and immediately sparked up charisma like a tech rock star.

Standing in front of a big screen with the Apple logo on it, wearing a black long-sleeve turtleneck and blue jeans had become Steve Jobs’ trademark outfit. 

Apple is famous for its exciting and genius product presentation. According to The Daily Egg, with stripped-down content and simple advertising, they’ve gone on to sell more than 1.5 billion products.

The whole agenda and the main theme are presented almost seamlessly, making it entertaining, natural, and effective. But, more importantly, Steve Jobs’ brilliant presence on the stage made a significant impact on his company as well. 

Possessing the mentioned presentation skills, Steve Jobs could easily convince the audience of almost anything possible. His communication style even drew public press attention which also granted him free advertisement.

Even one of his colleagues claimed that he fascinatingly communicated his product. He neatly tends to alter reality and make it somewhat flexible.

Hence, he could introduce the versatility of his innovations. Most corporates must learn and adapt from Steve Jobs’ engaging presentation style which provides him and the company more benefits because the public presentation is all that matters when it comes to selling products.

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Why presentation matters

It’s because it fundamentally matters and has always been. And Steve Jobs’ fascinating presentation style is still on top of everything.

Presentation is vital for publishing a product, idea, or service to the audience. The essence of promotion itself will grant you a significant change, regardless of the variant of the purposes.

It will be the one that decides whether it builds up or lowers people’s impressions and expectations. 

On the other side, presentation is also a routine in an organization’s daily activities.

Still similar, it serves as an essential agenda where progress is reported. So, a presentation always takes a key role in day-to-day business activities.

It is as essential to deliver a proper presentation in a professional environment as a personal branding that somehow displays your qualities. How? Let me break it down for you.

1. Conveying your brand identity

fascinating presentation style
By structuring this message, companies can convey what the brand wants and what its core values are.

As mentioned before, the presentation is one central aspect that represents either personal or a company. It concisely brings the whole image, approach, and identity of your company to the public in a way it can be seen with their eyes.

The reaction and impression they generated will follow as necessary feedback. Building a good image and decently introducing your company to your audience or your target audience is the primary goal of the presentation.

According to Havard Business Review, our ability to remember images is one of our greatest strengths. “We are incredible at remembering pictures.” Hear a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.” 

2. Spreading awareness and motivation

fascinating presentation style
The presentation serves the purpose on both sides; the public and the internal use.

It is also very often to be applied inside the culture of an organizational work environment, as well.

Distributing the information, connecting the colleagues, or merely displaying motivational quotes to keep your employee’s spirit on point is one of the uses we could optimize from a presentation. 

3. More engagement

fascinating presentation style
It is a valuable aspect when it comes to grabbing people’s attention.

The next topic to note is that presentation assists you to get or increase more audience engagement about your company.

A proper and effective presentation could balance your delivery by giving the imagery elements that complement the auditory to make the audience engaged in the process.

4. More flexible and accessible

fascinating presentation style
This will, of course, benefit your business workflow to become more efficient and effective.

You may view, customize, or display presentations on your laptop, tablet, or phone at any time and anywhere.

A presentation is flexible, meaning you can easily modify the substance component to various situations, audiences, or purposes.

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How Steve Jobs optimizes his fascinating presentation style

Steve Jobs is known as one of the greatest storytellers in the world. This label is given to him because of his outstanding ability to present a story through presentation.

Every product launch that he has done was brilliantly performed. Every move, demo, image, and slide seems adequately calculated and perfectly executed.

Many people have been observing and analyzing how Steve Jobs did his presentation to gain information or tricks behind his successful performance.

During his presentation, Steve Jobs gave out accurate information to the audience and tried to inspire and entertain them. That is why he could capture the audience’s undivided attention.

Besides what has been mentioned above, there are still several presentation techniques you can learn and copy from Steve Jobs’ fascinating presentation style. Let’s get deeper into it.

1. Be passionate

In all of his presentations, design has become a topic Steve Jobs was always passionate about, and he clearly showed it through his presentation slides.

He also never failed to show his enthusiasm for his new product.

He often used words such as “cool,” “amazing,” or “gorgeous” to describe them. He also did not hold back to show his excitement in front of the audience.

He believed that if you are not excited about your idea, then nobody else will be.

2. Solve the problem

fascinating presentation style
This highlights your purpose and shows the audience that you are trying to solve that problem.

A presentation always has or proposes a particular purpose. Be it to launch a product, advertise, or deliver some new ideas.

But, before you show the primary purpose of your presentation, you must first introduce the common problem faced by most audiences. Steve Jobs did this when he first introduced the iPhone to the public.

He did a presentation about how smartphones are hard to use. So, as a solution, he offers the iPhone, which he claimed is way more innovative and intelligent than any mobile device and super easy to use.

3. Less wordy

fascinating presentation style
The average PowerPoint Slide has forty words per slide.

In the first iPhone launch presentation, Steve Jobs used a total of nineteen words that were distributed across twelve slides. This shows that to have a successful presentation.

You do not have to put many words into your slides. This might also help your audience focus on what you are trying to say rather than get distracted by your slides.

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4. Tell stories

Tell stories to engage people’s attention.

Before revealing the new update about the brand, Steve Jobs spent a moment reviewing the story about Apple. From their first establishment to the present time.

This opened a way to introduce Apple further and release a new product. In his presentation, Steve Jobs also often told many entertaining stories and jokes to keep his audience’s attention.

5. Be natural

fascinating presentation style
A key to a good presentation is to keep eye contact with the audience.

In the introduction of the iPhone, the presentation lasted about 80 minutes. During the 80 minutes of the presentation, not once did Steve Jobs read from a prompter or notecards.

He fluently presented the content so well. This leads to the amount of rehearsal needed to have a successful presentation.

According to several sources, Steve Jobs practiced and rehearsed his presentation for several days before the actual presentation. In conclusion, it takes a lot of time to practice and prepare yourself to be fluent during the presentation.

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Present it on PowerPoint!

PowerPoint is an easy program to use and a powerful tool for presenting. It helps to create an attractive visual for your presentation.

The abundance of tools and menus on PowerPoint helps the user make their presentation more attractive. The multimedia added to the slide would also help to improve the audience’s focus.

However, using PowerPoint is tricky because you can get overboard and overly use creative tools. As a result, your presentation could be too distracting and might not deliver your message correctly.

So, Steve Jobs’ fascinating presentation style is a good start for you to impersonate.

Make sure you do not perform a boring presentation to your audience because delivery is as important as the substance!

Steve Jobs, it is better to make a simple slide and not put too many words and decorations into it. That way, your audience will focus on the message you deliver and not get distracted by the visual.

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