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Technology Helps You Make the Best of Your Time

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Guest Writer

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Every year, people rely more and more on technology in everyday life. We have so many tasks, obligations, and plans in our hands that, without help, we just can’t handle them. According Digital Edenz, In reality, technology has played a very important role in how we live in the world today and how we communicate in the atmosphere with everything around us. Impact of technology is higher than that we expected. We are developing new innovations to live in a better and standardized life.

According to Tech.co, technology affects almost every aspect of 21st century life, from transport efficiency and safety to access to food and healthcare, socialization and productivity. The power of the internet has enabled global communities to form, and ideas and resources to be shared more easily. However, the overuse of some technology has been linked to a decline in mental health, increased social division and privacy concerns.

So technology has become a necessity to improve our lives.

Technology helps you make the best of your time: Studying

Thanks to modern tools, we have all the useful information at our fingertips. Let’s figure out together how technology helps you make the best of your time.

For example, modern devices and applications can help increase our productivity, give us some time to actually live our lives, and ultimately achieve our goals.

Delegating tasks

For example, you have to write many papers during your student years. The Internet offers a lot of tools that can make your life easier. But one of the most convenient is EssayPro – a service that is ready to write your essays for you. This service will take a lot of weight off our shoulders!


If you do not have wheels, you will get nowhere. Having so many messaging services and apps nowadays allows us to:

  • Exchange information fast
  • Create groups of interest or project assignments
  • Share files and announcements

Communication in education is like four wheels for a car. According to High Speed Training, Communication is key in the classroom: successful teaching is generally considered to require only 50% knowledge to 50% communication skills. As a result, a teacher should be proficient in all four modes of communication – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – and should know how to utilise this proficiency effectively in a school environment


There’s no need to send each other files or information via email anymore. With your teammates, you can create a shared drive allowing the team easy access.

So everybody can:

  • Share files
  • Leave comments and notes
  • Assign tasks to other team members. 

It means that peers can create an innovative approach to discussing ideas or finding a solution.

Continuous learning

You don’t have to be stuck in the library anymore. Only if you would like to. Because otherwise, you can use:

  • Quick Google search
  • various Youtube videos
  • TED lectures
  • other educational resources

Even games allow people to learn about various topics from the comfort of their homes. Or any other location with the internet. The time saved when finding something online versus having to go to the library is huge.Using different tools to learn also gives the students flexible learning experiences.

In other words, technology has possibilities that a typical classroom lecture has not. According to Concordia, While the process of Classroom was often frustrating, 87% of educators surveyed by the EdWeek Research Center in 2020 reported that their ability to use educational technology (EdTech) effectively improved.

VR tools

Using VR in education makes us realize that we are living in the future. There are several virtual reality tools that you can use to make studying more interesting and efficient. For example, virtual labs. They are available in several areas: Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics. Also, incredible field trips, virtual practice, and highly immersive classes are already used by schools to benefit their students. And we are going to have even more options in the near future because these technologies are still evolving.

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More expertise in the classroom

With technology, teachers can make any place in the world their classroom. This allows inviting teachers from different cities or countries to share their knowledge and methods with one or many different groups of students at the same time. 

Lectures can be live-streamed, so students can experience them in real-time. Or videos could be pre-recorded to be accessed at any convenient time when students need them. More interaction between teachers and students during live streaming improves understanding.

So it lets the subject of the lesson and its content continue to grow in the student’s mind.


It is common knowledge that having the instruction during the learning process is highly effective for acing a topic and tackling problems with understanding. Technology gives students an important possibility to tutor their mates. They can ask questions and collaborate in real-time, from school or home. Technology allows people to help each other and work together to understand the material better. So they can serve as tutors sometimes.

Focusing on the task

You can find some apps that will promise better concentration. Some of them use the scientific hypothesis as a basis. When “your personality type” listens to the “right type of music,” you become super-focused. As a result, you feel significantly more productive. Apps promise that you can improve your concentration ability by a few hundred percent. In its turn, it helps you to improve your time management skills when you find it difficult to focus.

Digital models and simulations

Digital simulations and models assist students in better understanding various disciplines. Also, they help get acquainted with the wonders of the modern world.

Technology has already proved to be an important tool for lecturers. With its helping hand, they can clarify certain things within the borders of a physical classroom. Tech-proficient educators nowadays prefer to prepare their lessons in a more strategic manner. They involve different text types, graphic representations, and interactive controls for scholars.


This part is about helping people with special needs. Sure, they can get personal assistants to help them with their challenges. Yet, getting things done by themselves is different. And this is when technology helps to go through their activities easier.

It gives students with disabilities the freedom and more time to study. Therefore, students feel more empowered, assertive, strong, and inspired.

Open Doors to Education

There are numerous free online options available to study at different prestigious universities. Should you be in Spain or in the British Isles, simply access the internet through your device and look for the programs that will fit you best. You can also study different subjects in a few different colleges at the same time.

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Technology helps you make the best of your time: Time Management

It is true that technology helps you make the best of your time. Technology is an instrument that can improve our reality in so many ways.

With all these possibilities and tools we have today, we can live our lives smarter and, as a result, increase our productivity tenfold.

Planning and organizing time

Every person needs to learn to find a balance between studies/work and social life. To get more things done throughout the day and improve your time management, you need to understand how to plan smart. Don’t forget to include taking care of your body and rest on the list.

There are plenty of calendar apps to use for that purpose. They are easy to edit, look nice, work across various devices, and provide you with sets of reminders to get ready for the next task in advance. Using one of them will help to get more things done and improve your battle with procrastination.

The efficiency of the time use

An average person spends more than a few hours per day on social media. According to Statista, Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass one billion registered accounts and currently sits at more than 2.89 billion monthly active users. The company currently also owns four of the biggest social media platforms, all with over one billion monthly active users each: Facebook (core platform), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. In the third quarter of 2021, Facebook reported over 3.58 billion monthly core Family product users.

To avoid such a waste of time, use time-tracking apps. They run quietly in the background of your devices and send regular reports to determine where you are spending your time. This way, you can limit your time spent on time-killing sites.

Project management

The number of projects sometimes could be overwhelming. Or one project can be especially time-consuming. In this case, you need to have a clear structure of what you need to do and how the process is going. 

A variety of project management apps allows:

  • creating detailed cards for tasks that you want to complete 
  • assigning them to someone else on your team. 

You can break tasks into smaller stages there, add tags and comments, attach files and collaborate on assignments. 

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