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The Benefits of a Construction Management Degree: Building Your Career

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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If you have always had a passion for everything to do with buildings. If you spend hours browsing magazines and online platforms. If you are always looking at the latest trends and innovations. Well, have you thought of pursuing a construction management degree?

If yes, you have picked a lucrative career path with good prospects. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of 2021, construction managers earn $98,890.

For the job outlook, the market is very positive. Experts predict an 8% growth from 2021 running to 2031. That translates to about 41,500 job openings every single year. Construction management prospects are above the average growth rate.

Our article explores the benefits of a construction management degree. But first, let’s better understand what the job entails.

Construction Management: What Is It?

Construction management is the field of study that focuses on controlling the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction project from start to finish. 

 Beyond that, you must be a leader who can manage a team of professionals.

Some of the job roles include:-

  • Project planning from the very beginning to the end. These include coming up with plans, budgets, resource requirements, and timelines
  • Collaboration with other critical members in construction, such as architects and engineers
  • Procurement of necessary equipment, material, or services
  •  Risk management to identify and mitigate against any issues. Issues that may impact the successful completion of the projects. You are also in charge of developing policies and contingency plans.
  • Quality control to ensure the building meets the necessary standards

As you can imagine, succeeding without the relevant training would be challenging. Technology has made it possible to attend classes without going to physical classrooms. You can enroll for an online construction management degree Florida even while living in another state.

But please note that to get a BSc with a construction management major, you must complete 123 credits. That should take about 41 months to go through the syllabus. So, ensure you dedicate enough time to the course requirements. This is very important for learning online.

So, why does enrolling for a construction management degree make sense?

There Is High Demand for Construction Managers

As we stated, the job outlook for construction managers is very positive. With up to 41500 job openings every year, there will be high demand for skilled workers.

A bachelor of construction management degree will set you apart from certificate holders. Employers want to know they are hiring people with the right skills and knowledge.

A degree also opens up doors for a variety of job opportunities. It becomes easier to transition within the industry.

Degree courses in construction management make you a more attractive candidate. the reasons are:

  • You’ll get the most relevant knowledge and skills that come from the studying you do. Remember, a construction management degree will take up to 41 months. That is a significant amount of time you spend getting a solid foundation.
  • Investing in your career shows commitment and a willingness to improve. You will be able to attract higher salaries from employers for this reason.
  • An online construction degree demonstrates a high ability to learn. It shows you can schedule your time well. Also, you have the self-discipline necessary to achieve good results.
  • A degree gives you a competitive advantage. Indeed some employers insist on one before hiring.

With advanced construction management training, you can pick what interests you the most.

You Become a More Attractive Candidate

A Bachelor of Construction Management Degree Can Fast-Track Career Progression

Enhancing your skill and knowledge with a degree will fast-track your career growth. It allows you to handle more complex tasks. Tasks that need a higher level of responsibility.

 Your ability to handle the job roles well is something that management will notice. Getting a promotion will become a reality rather than a dream with a major in construction management.

A Construction Management Degree Gives You Other Critical Skills

Your construction manager role is not only in project planning and execution. You will also be a leader who must manage team members.

And one thing can become clear fast. You may have all the technical and tactical skills.

But you need more leadership capabilities. Some of the courses in the construction degree we’ll tackle such areas. You leave with a better understanding of leadership and how to manage teams well.

Today’s construction industry is very different from what it was a few years back. And that is because the sector is always experiencing new trends. There is a constant need for construction managers to change and adapt.

We now have trends and technologies such as artificial intelligence. Advanced building materials, off-site construction, and green buildings are others. How can you hope to keep up as a construction manager if you don’t open yourself to learning?

The construction management degree exposes you to such trends and how to adapt to them. That will make you more effective as you do your day-to-day job roles.

A Construction Management Degree Can Help Launch Your Own Company

For many people, the dream is to one day become an employer by owning the company. A construction management degree opens up your thinking. it can result in a significant paradigm shift. There becomes a willingness to take risks, for instance. This is because you know you have the skills and knowledge to make it in the industry.

With a degree, you will also find that you have better professional connections. Even enrolling for internships can open life-changing opportunities. The day you decide to be an entrepreneur, these same connections can prove beneficial.

Final Thoughts

A degree in construction management will allow you to pursue your passion for the industry. 

Not only do you get to improve your knowledge and skill set. But you become a more attractive candidate and can command a higher salary.

Online career management degrees remove the stress of enrolling in physical classes. Also, it removes the geographical barriers that may make it hard for you to pursue a course you love.

Ultimately, a construction management degree is a great way to open the doors to a myriad of career opportunities and rapidly climb the ladder in construction. 

With a robust set of skills and knowledge, graduates with a degree in construction management can be assured that their expertise will place them as invaluable assets in any organization. 

Make your building dreams come true – pursue a Construction Management degree today!

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