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How UX Copywriting Helps You Create Great Designs

ux copywriting

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Most modern designers and web developers are obsessed with UI and UX. This market segment has shown tremendous growth in recent years worldwide. UI/UX designers build the most aesthetically pleasing and usable websites, and their career is rising in popularity.

But there’s one problem: it’s not the design that keeps users on the site, but the information.

In other words, all these techniques, such as color psychology, etc., only function in conjunction with text: a logical union of words and design ensures optimal usability and a positive user experience with your website.

Therefore, pay attention to UX copywriting and its fundamental principles if you want to make the user’s time on the website comfortable and understandable while also guiding him toward the desired “conversions”.

What is UX copywriting?

UX copywriting, also known as user experience copywriting, is the process of creating and organizing content to assist users in intuitively achieving their objectives.

While UX design makes it simple for users to follow the site’s logic, literate UX text explains what should be done and why, where to click, and what it will do, encouraging users to take more action.

The link between the product and the customer is a well-designed layout that takes into account text readability and usability. Who, if not professional UX copywriters, who also help writing college papers, knows that the text will make the user take more action on the site? Designers who believe that a picture speaks a thousand words may disagree.

Indeed, the human brain perceives images 60,000 times faster than text. What’s more, it captures information in images even when we’re just looking at words. That’s why some designers want to turn all user interfaces into graphics.

Users do perceive images more quickly, but despite this, images still need to make their points very clear. When reading something without words, there is always a chance of ambiguity, false associations, and confusion. And this is where text greatly improves the design’s usability by clearly expressing the key notion.

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How users read online

UX copywriting is currently in demand since there is a demand for professionals that can write texts that are brief, concise, and effective for usability. All of this is due to the way humans perceive information, which is to scan a document and focus on the key points that will help us grasp it. Therefore, the information on the pages should be clear, concise, and organized.

Text for buttons, slogans, alerts, error messages, navigation, user manuals, and other elements must be written for UX copywriting. It’s important to keep in mind that each of these texts contributes to the design and user experience.

According to the experts who also provide content for writing services where you can buy essays from writers in the USA, online information is perceived by us 25% slower than it is when we read print. Additionally, users only read between 20 and 28% of the words they encounter on a website page. Therefore, UX text needs to conform to the following standards:

  • Clarity: Make sure the page’s main message is presented in an easily understood manner.
  • Brevity: Keep your writing short and to the point. Avoid long reads where they are inappropriate.
  • Unity: Maintain unity between the writing style and the overall tone of voice of the brand.

Don’t forget that your writing should be helpful to readers and make it easier for them to interact with the website. It’s best if you arrange your text content in accordance with the rules of how web users scan pages when browsing.

So, users:

  • Start reading from the top left corner of the page.
  • Better interact with the navigation elements when they are located at the top of the page.
  • Scan the page diagonally, from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.
  • Ignore the unusual, atypical arrangement of elements.
  • Like headlines and lists.
  • Ignore huge blocks of text.
  • Prefer single-column format.
  • They love numbers, especially those that stand out by design.
  • They notice the text first, and then the graphics.

The ideal course of action for a designer or web developer is to incorporate copywriters in the creative process rather than ignoring their suggestions for what text to use and where to place it. Since truly experienced UX writers are aware of all these rules.

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Tips for integrating UX text into your design

Although developing short text for a button with a CTA can require much more time and work than it might seem at first glance, some people still undervalue the importance of text content in UX. Text is a design element that may be used to inform people and encourage them to take action. The efficacy of text also depends on how it is presented visually.

From this follow the following steps.

No Lorem Ipsum in the layout

When beginning work on interface design, it’s common practice for many designers to copy Lorem Ipsum into places where text blocks should be. Avoid doing this. Even if the UX copywriter tries to “fit” the text into the layout concept, the final text will still seem different. As a result, the prototype’s appearance may differ significantly from what you had in mind. It is best to begin incorporating simple text into the UI as soon as possible.

In the first place, it will bring the prototype closer to the (future) original design and allow you to assess how well each component of the layout functions individually. Second, it will make editing quicker and less stressful.

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The simpler, the better

Writing UX content is always about clarity and simplicity. Thus, use simple words more frequently, refrain from using the passive voice, and avoid jargon.

In other words, try your best to provide the information clearly and succinctly, and use the text to create a visual framework that will make it simpler for readers to scan the page. It is also better to use more positive lexical forms for calls to action. For example, instead of “OK,” the button on the error page should say “Try again”.


Numbers work best to add value to the content and increase the credibility of information on the page as a whole. Numbers are a great tool for UX writers to deliver information in a more compact and succinct manner. By using this method, users can browse the website more quickly and concentrate their attention on the most important information.

Remember the tone of voice of the brand

If you are a UX copywriter, don’t forget to read the brand book of the company for which you will prepare texts. This is important since all of your materials should sound consistent with the brand as a whole as well as with one another.

The tone of voice is how a brand communicates with its audience, so always use brand-specific keywords and speech patterns. The importance of the unifying and consistent communication strategy principle cannot be overstated. Because of this, it will be cool and helpful to develop guidelines for producing creatives for copywriters as well as designers.

In UX copywriting, a brand’s tone of voice is expressed through its particular vocabulary, writing style, characteristic headings, punctuation, and even humor. All of it establishes and enhances a brand’s reputation while defining its identity.

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The user experience on a website or in an app is improved by using effective UX copywriting. This has substantial, positive effects. As a result, we shouldn’t disregard the suggestions and comments made by content creators on the placement of text blocks. Your site may stand out from the competitors with a clever combination of information and style. You can also hire professional copywriters from the best essay services to write good texts for your project.

So, improve your UX skills or invite a professional UX writer to your team so that the final interface was as user-friendly as possible.

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