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UX Writing Rules for Writing and Designing Text about Products

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
ux writing rules for writing text about products

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New applications and websites emerge almost every day. And users select those that are convenient to use. The convenience level is influenced not only by the design of the interfaces but also by the text in them.

The text in the interface guides the user through the product and provides the necessary instructions at the right time, clearly and without unnecessary words.

What do you know about UX writing rules?

Today, UX writing is all-around people. UX text is what motivates users to take action and animates the product.

Buttons, pop-ups, notifications, alerts, and hidden text boxes are all examples of UX writing. What do you know about UX writing principles?

What are UX writing rules for writing a text about products?

UX writing is a component of UX design that includes interface text. It usually includes:

  • Button names;
  • CTA (call to action);
  • Error messages;
  • Form and navigation element descriptions;
  • Notifications.

These small texts are called microcopies (from the English word “microcopy”). Writing good texts necessitates in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and does not allow for even minor errors.

Fortunately, one can always seek assistance from writing services reviews websites such as Writing Judge.

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Why are UX texts important?

Because many people are involved in the development of UX design, the activities of UX writers may be unimportant.

On the other hand, UX writers assist in creating a user-friendly product while also reducing the time required to form it.

Investing in the project and its users always pay off. People are drawn to a product that speaks to them in a language they can understand.

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What makes a good UX text?

A high-quality UX text is equivalent to a good UX design. According to SuperText, good UX design can increase conversion rates by up to 400%, from newsletter registration to the final purchase.

UX writing is especially important because the majority of products nowadays are digital – and this trend is only increasing. It is also created to meet the needs of the audience.

Let’s take a look at the critical steps in creating a good product UX text:

Good UX text meets user requirements

Users are likely to be dissatisfied with the product if it does not inform. For example, each of us has been disappointed with the inconsistency of the remaining time indicator with a heavy load at least once in our lives.

Most people lose interest in a product if they do not understand its capabilities and essential functions. Even if there is only a short delay, it is necessary to notify users of the request’s current status.

The “download…” pop-up, which lacks detailed information, gives the impression that this process will take forever.

As a result, users will become confused after a few seconds and stop using the product.

Additional information about the length of time or the reasons for such a lengthy procedure is an excellent way to communicate well with the target audience.

For example, the text “Loading your data may take 10 seconds” informs a user of the type of operation and the duration of the process.

As a result, the audience is aware of its role in the workflow.

A good UX text is concise

Many users (particularly younger audiences) do not read the majority of the text provided. They are accustomed to being able to identify how a product works quickly.

To keep your audience engaged, you must convey all the necessary information in one or two sentences. Even if they read all of the displayed text, users will only remember a small amount of data at a time.

Remember to use proper grammar and punctuation when writing short texts. Because it will be displayed in the website’s interface, the text must be error-free and adequately formatted.

If you struggle with the issue, seek assistance from custom writing review services such as Best Writers Online.

Keep a sense of scale in mind when working on UX texts. The more frequently you use pop-ups and tooltips, the more likely you will ignore them. The short text will first focus on what you want to convey to your users.

You may have to limit your interaction with the audience, but doing so allows you to understand what is truly important and how to convey it in the simplest way possible.

Good UX writing rules for writing a text about products are useful

Writing UX text in a valid pledge helps users focus on the task. New functions and terms should be added only if relevant and usable.

The best option is to highlight what contributes to an accurate understanding of the context. Sentences that begin with verbs also elicit action.

When a user visits the platform for the first time, it is critical to encourage him to do something. For example, “Subscribe to your friends to see their publications,” and the Sync Contacts button will show him how to do it.

Even if the rest of the platform is already working this way, a link to the UX text will help you figure out what to do next and increase conversion.

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A good UX text is similar to a conversation with a product

Because users need to feel connected with the product, the product’s image and language must correspond to the target audience. When people recognize this connection at eye level, they have excellent interaction with the product.

Research released in the Harvard Business Review earlier this year showed customers who are ‘emotionally connected’ with a brand are 52% more valuable than those who are just ‘highly satisfied.’

When working on the brand language, remove all non-essential technical terms. The link to the expired site and the label “Error 400” indicate that you do not consider the audience’s requests and that the product is unsuitable.

Finding the right image for your brand and incorporating it into your product is not easy. Consider using the following template to avoid such upheaval: “This link does not appear to be working.

We will look into it as soon as possible.”

Good UX texts attract users’ attention with numbers and labels

If there is a number in the text, it is essential to write it in numbers rather than words. It saves space while also attracting attention.

The reader’s attention is drawn to the numbers first in the text because the brain perceives them as necessary information.

You can emphasize them by putting them in a separate field but avoid overdoing it. We can highlight significant sense points in the text in bold and marker.

The use of the present tense

Copywriters use specific dates in advertising and informational texts so that the client understands the information.

It is preferable to write the words “today/tomorrow/yesterday” in the UX text because the user interacts with the product in the present, and the date will only confuse him.

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Keeping the register in the mind

While writing UX texts, one should use one style for a group of headings and other sentences. There are three options to choose from:

  • We should write all text in CAPS;
  • Beginning each new word with a capital letter;
  • Make all lowercase letters except the first sentence, names of people, and cities.

The main thing is to pick one of them and stick with it across the entire web page and all application windows.

Show care and support

Users tend to make mistakes and forget information. As a result, do not make the user angry because of an incorrect password or a page that does not exist. Instead, offer a solution and solve the issue through a joke.

Avoid using slang

Services (particularly banking) frequently include terms that users cannot understand the first time they see them. Do not do this!

Give a user the impression that he is holding a conversation with a living person rather than a robot.

Always start with a goal in mind

First, identify the primary objective, and then describe the actions necessary to achieve it. For example:

  • Incorrect: Click on an item to see its properties.
  • Correct: To view the element’s properties, click on it.

So, always start with a goal in mind to write and design text for the product. We have to understand the user’s expectations and the deliverance.

Do not overburden the user with data

Do not try to provide all of the information all at once. It can be helpful to give the user additional information or detailed instructions on occasion.

However, avoid stuffing the screen with text. Instead, reveal the details gradually. The “Read More” link is the simplest method to do it.

According to MOZ, Providing context with links can be helpful for screen readers as well. Check out the video below of navigating this example of a webpage created to show bad accessibility.

The first logo link is pretty amusing, but also notice the [image description] links, the MORE>> links that don’t provide any context and aren’t connected to the articles that they’re visually connected to on the page, and the infamous “click here” and “read more” links, a familiar downer for SEOs.

Be more cautious when using humor

Many designers believe that humor makes the interface more human. But, like any other UI component, it must be carefully considered. The user will most likely have to interact with your interface several times.

And what may appear amusing at first will irritate a user in the future (especially if it is a joke in the error message). Furthermore, humor is not universal: what sounds amusing in one culture may not be appropriate in another.


As you can see, UX writing rules for writing a text about products can take a lot of time and effort. However, once you have achieved your goal, you will know that it was well worth it!

Remember that every word in your product is part of a conversation with users. And you, as a designer, should strive to make it effective.

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