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The 10 Most Important Website Design Elements

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Guest Writer

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Website design elements is one of the most important tools a business has for getting clients and customers. It is typically the first point of contact between customers and your business which means it must be designed well.

According to olsenmetrix, with 75% of consumers now shopping online at least once a month, having a website is a necessity for any brand. Since the pandemic hit us in 2020, the emphasis on online interactions has drastically increased. With customers unable to physically visit businesses due to lockdown restrictions and health concerns, many had to resort to websites to continue to purchase the goods they wanted. It’s no surprise that 84% of people reported using digital channels more frequently last year.

But, what separates a bad website from a good or even a great one?

Below, we will look at five of the most important and good website design elements.

Visual Design

Humans are visual in nature which means using great graphics on your website is extremely important in making it more appealing. You only have a few seconds to impress your website visitors and show them that your website and business are trustworthy and professional. According to UX Magazine, Visual design is important for many reasons. For one thing, your visual design is the first impression your product will make. Studies have shown that we have 50 milliseconds before users have made their first judgments on our products.

A West Rock study shows that 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on packaging design. In the world of web and mobile app design, 75% of consumers say they judge the credibility of a company based on web design.

One thing to remember is to not go overboard with the visual design. Scrolling text and flashing intros can be great additions but only when used sparingly and in a way that does not make the user experience terrible.

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Good navigation is an important tenet of good user experience. According to UX Design, navigation is the single most important aspect of any application or interface as there are many things associated with it like accessibility, etc., The users must be easily able to navigate through, rather than getting lost in the numerous pages of the website, which happens most of the time. One might argue that there is “Search” to help you out but you cannot trust search alone each of the time as research shows that only 30% of website users use the search function and the majority 70% rely on navigating directly.

Visitors should be able to navigate your website easily, with your most important pages accessible in a click or two. Website visitors should also always know where they are on the website and know how to go wherever else they would like to. 

A well-designed menu combined with a sitemap can be crucial in this regard. They may seem elementary and obvious, but there are too many websites that could improve in this area.

Functionality should be at the heart of navigation design, so web designers should avoid going overboard with it.

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Web Friendliness

No matter how easy your website is to navigate or how informative and beautiful it is, it will not be of any use to a significant number of your visitors if it is not web-friendly.

Web friendliness starts with ensuring the website is accessible and usable on devices of all sizes. The website should also utilize alt tags, meta tags, and other elements included in its SEO.

Additionally, the website should be accessible to people who use screen readers. According to boia.org, an estimated 2.3 percent of the U.S. population—7.3 million people—have some form of visual disability ranging from impaired vision to total blindness. In order to enjoy access to websites and other digital media, many people with visual impairments rely on assistive technologies such as braille displays and screen readers, this is an area where too many business websites fall short.

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Your website should be a client generator for your business. It should focus on not only attracting enough people but also turning these people into clients and customers by letting them know of the services you provide as well as the benefits of doing business with you.

Providing visitors with the tools they need to do business with you or to purchase the products and services they need helps increase conversions, therefore, making your business more successful.

Conversions are a mark of a successful website, and this is why businesses should work with web design companies with experience in building successful websites.

Businesses can get successful websites by engaging soVision IT web design services. soVision has a reputation for building successful websites for both local and international businesses.


All visitors should make a connection between your business and its website. The best way to do this is by ensuring your website reflects your brand by knowing website design elements.

Because of how important your business website is, you should find web designers who understand what it takes to ensure the website is successful and helpful for your business.

Keeping the elements we have discussed above should help.

Use website builder

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you know how important it is for your business to have an online presence. The sooner you develop a presence on the Internet, the better. Your competitors know this too.

Creating a new website from scratch can be unnerving and requires a lot of time and effort. If you have the funds, you could hire an agency or a freelancer to design it for you. But if you are a small business with a tight budget, you might think that you are out of luck.

This may have been true before, but not anymore. Website builder has been all the rage in the last couple of years. They are simple to use, don’t require coding knowledge, and definitely won’t drain your budget.


A website’s backbone is its content. Besides impacting your search engine placement, your content is the primary reason most visitors come to your site in the first place. The text on your website should be informative, easy to read, and concise. The content and copy of your website will make it more engaging, effective, and popular than anything else.


An effective website design engages your visitors immediately and holds their attention throughout EVERY page, as well as influences them to contact you. It is probably your website’s ultimate goal to convert visitors into customers. It’s important to remember that there is a fine line between interaction and irritation, so interaction should never outweigh the benefits.

Information accessibility

Many website visitors are not interested in or have the time, to browse your entire site. There may be just a few bits of information they need, such as a phone number or address. Thus, key information should be placed in plain sight, in an area that is easily accessible. The result of not being able to locate some needed information on a website is always a frustrated visitor. A disgruntled visitor won’t stay on your site very long and is unlikely to return, much less do business with you.


A great website anticipates what your visitor is thinking and caters to their needs, and has elements arranged intuitively. The landing page of your website should be relevant to what the visitor searched for rather than forcing them to filter through all of your information if they are searching for one of your products or services on a search engine or directory where your site is listed. Straight lines are the shortest distance between two points.

Turnaround time

Website design customers’ top complaint is the time it takes to get their site up and running. A firm that takes unusually long to complete your website is not uncommon. The longer the website takes to complete, the more business – and value – you lose. You won’t get any business if your website isn’t on the web and not working properly!

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