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Why is UX Important in Digital Marketing?

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
Why is UX Important

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What do you think hooks a viewer to your website? What is that thing which makes the viewers interested in exploring your profile more? There could be many things, but the first thing that holds visitors’ attention to your site is the comfort, ease, and experience they get while browsing. People decide whether or not they enjoy being in a place in seconds. 

Yes, seconds! Digital marketing must have considered or got yourself into when you have created a business profile. Thus, it is vital to provide viewers with a seamless and enjoyable experience when they visit any website. Now, you need to consider UX while making digital marketing strategies for your website. 

Why? Well, that is what we will be discussing today. This article will help you understand why UX is essential in digital marketing. So, let’s get started without any more delay, shall we? First, let’s get a clearer sense of what UX is.

A brief idea about UX

Why is UX Important

You already know what UX refers to as User Experience. Now, what is this user experience? UX talks about two kinds of experiences in the digital marketing industry. These are:

1. Creating the first impression via the product landing page &

2. The product’s interface 

The world of UX is immense. Numerous big and small aspects shape the whole experience of any particular user. In simpler terms, UX is how the users feel when they visit your website or your business profile or when they use your products or services. 

UX is the total interaction between the service user and the provider. The entire idea of UX evolves every day with the changes in preferences and demands of the users. But it’s also a common fact that the parameters of this interaction frequently change with time. 

Why is UX important in digital marketing?

It does not need any telling how vital for your business it is to make the customers feel valued and to give them the best experience. So, instead, we will mainly talk about the significance of UX in digital marketing today. 

Here are some fantastic benefits of ensuring good UX in terms of digital marketing-

1. Better experience for the customers

The customers today are savvy and acknowledged. At the same time, they are impatient too. A clumsy and slow web page can never hold their attention. 

You might have a killer digital marketing plan in hand, but if you do not focus on presenting all the content for the plan in a user-friendly way, all your work will go in vain. 

The viewers do not want to give you the time where your page loads for 2 minutes. They do not want to strain their eyes looking at your highly vibrant homepage. Even if they do all these things, you can bid your sales goodbye if the customers cannot easily find your CTA buttons and have to look hard for them. 

What do you think will help you create the most fantastic experience for your customers? Do you think it’s too hard? 


There are only two things that you must take care of while designing your website or product landing pages:

• Easy navigation

• Pleasant visuals

Your customers’ experience gets so much better when they get to navigate super easily on your website. A slow webpage practically annoys the viewers, making them want to leave the page as soon as possible. 

Being a business owner, your primary goal is to convert your website viewer into a buyer. You aim to attract viewers with different marketing announcements and content. However, you cannot do that if your website is not easily navigable. 

On the other hand, customers’ experience also depends on the aesthetic vision of the page. You must opt for those marketing content that will make your website look attractive. 

People like to spend time exploring websites that look visually appealing to them. If you can make it unique and smooth simultaneously, you will see the results. 

User experience can be termed as the foundation stone for the digital marketing strategy of any business. The ultimate goal of any marketing plan is to attract viewers so that they decide to purchase from your company or store. 

When you successfully create a very user-friendly web page, you make your viewers happy and satisfied. And happy viewers will turn into happy customers in no time. 

In the same way, however, if you fail to offer your viewers that ease and comfort to browse, it will hugely impact your business. People do not have the time to waste on a sluggish website. It can cost your reputation and the loyalty of the customers as well. 

A good UX design tells so much about your brand. It means people understand what people want and how to give them the best experience. 

People do not buy products from a store only because the products are of good quality. There are many other factors associated with it. And the experience they have while browsing your web page will surely be on the top of that list. 

2. Better rate of conversion

If you can ensure a better experience for the users, your conversion rate will increase automatically. Nowadays, it is not enough to get customers an “okayish” experience. 

Your customers must have a memorable and exclusive experience whenever they visit your profile. And this can help you with an increased conversion rate. 

We were wondering how that works? 

Let me explain. 

When you design UX for your website, you also get to understand the psychology of the buyers and their demands as well. 

So what you do is create such a marketing plan that would be lucrative in visuals and be a user-friendly one, allowing your viewers to not only look at your page but rather experience it. People usually acknowledge these efforts, and these efforts impact them in a very positive way. 

Here are a few tips on creating better UX to get better conversion rates-

3. Properly placed CTA button

If you want to make a sale from your website page, you must have a CTA or call-to-action button, and that CTA button MUST be appropriately placed right in front of the eyes of the page viewers!

You already know how fast people leave a page. Now, if you have some outstanding products, probably with even a better deal or offer, you will still not be able to make a sale if your customers have to look hard for a CTA button. They will leave your website. 

You do not want that. So, put a CTA button that works and is at an easily found place.

4. Browsing speed

As we already mentioned before, a website that loads slowly is a big NO for viewers. A report from Google shows that just 2 seconds of webpage loading delay might increase the bounce rate up to 32%. This decreases their attraction, and a negative sense is developed within their minds regarding your website.

A super-fast website lets people breeze through here and there and explore different options. So, you need to monitor your page regularly to see if it is working fast. Use such images or videos that will not hamper the speed of your website. This will ultimately lead you to have more conversion rate.

5. Frictionless navigation 

Besides the speed, you also need to take care of the frictions. Frictions are as bad as lower speed. This happens when there is a lot of clutter on your page. You need to declutter your web page regularly so that your buyers do not have to face this difficulty. 

A clean homepage with fewer distractions allows the viewers to concentrate on the things that matter instead of getting distracted by this and that. Lesser distractions will lead them to buy the products they like, whereas distractions might drive them away. 

6. Lesser bounce rates

First, let’s understand what bouncing is. If a viewer leaves your web page soon after clicking on it without further action or just scrolling through one page, it is called bouncing. 

This cannot be good for business, right? 

If you want to make sales, you would like the visitors of your page to go through the whole of it and spend a significant period in it. 

What do you think might be the reason for a viewer to bounce? Is your content not good enough? Are your product photos not lucrative enough? Is your digital marketing strategy not up to the mark? 

While these could be legit reasons, the most common sense for an increased bounce rate is negative user experience. 

The matter of the misplaced CTA button comes here again. No matter how good your products are, your CTA button must be visible quickly; otherwise, you cannot make a sale. The viewers must be able to locate it the moment they decide to purchase, and it might very well be when they start exploring your website. 

What you can do in this regard is run A/B testing on your website before making it live. It will make you see your website from a viewer’s point of view, and you will be able to understand where there could be lackings and what could be improved to provide your viewers with a better experience. 

Your goal is to make viewers revisit your website, even make them regular visitors, which is far from experiencing bounce rates. Digital marketing and UX work hand in hand to reduce the rate of bouncing for any website. 

Suppose your marketing strategy is such that it can hold the attraction of the viewers, and you can create a website that is easily navigable and effortless to stream. In that case, bounce rates will decrease significantly for your website. 

7. UX optimizes the site for mobile

The extreme availability of smartphones has brought significant changes in browsing. It is expected that about 72.6% of internet users will browse websites via their smartphones only. It is equivalent to 3.7 billion people! A vast portion of the users will access your website from a mobile phone today.

Such a spike in smartphone users is probably the comfort and accessibility. People can access their mobile phones any time they want, from wherever they are at that moment. This has made them more inclined to use mobile phones for almost everything they do on a day-to-today basis, including shopping. 

You need to make sure that your website loads and previews are good on mobile and tablets. 

If the content and pictures of your business profile do not show properly or break down while being seen from a mobile phone, it will hamper the users’ experience by a great deal. They will leave your site immediately, and it will leave you with failures. 

That is why it is a must that you make your business page mobile-friendly. Check and recheck your website or business page on all devices before going live with those.

Things to remember while designing UX for a website

Millions of websites are there on the internet world, and you have to compete with those, especially those in your niche. 

Your website must stand out among those to get the best possible outcomes for your business. And for that, you must offer your viewers an experience they feel hard to forget. 

Let’s check out some things to look after while designing UX for your website-

1. Targeted viewers

The first matter to look into while designing UX is the targeted viewers. You need to understand who your viewers will be to provide them with the best kind of experience. Knowing your audience will make you understand their demands and the things they like or dislike. This will make the next steps a lot easier. 

2. Typography

You want your content to be read by the target audiences, right? And for that, the typography or size and color of the fonts you choose matter just as much as the content does. 

You should use the color and font which grab attention, but at the same time, you should choose those by keeping style and comfort in mind. Colors and fonts which can strain your viewers’ eyes must be avoided!

The most popular fonts used for websites are Bodoni, Helvetica, Avenir, Garamond, etc. And for colors, you can use your brand color as much as possible to establish your brand identity. 

3. Informative product page

Someone is spending some time on your business page because they are indeed interested in your products. User experience becomes much better if you provide all the details related to your products on your website.

Besides, to market all your products with all information at a time on a specific marketing channel, you will have to make a product feed. With a product feed, you can put information about a bulk of products simultaneously, without having to do it manually one by one. 

The platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., have several plugins that can help you. For example, if you have a WooCommerce business, you may use the CTX Feed WooCommerce product feed plugin to generate unlimited product feeds to share on the merchant’s channels.

This plugin will make your life easier, allowing you to make product feeds in bulk and save time and energy.

4. Clarity of the message

You must be conveying some message on your website. That could be related to your products or your business. You need to ensure that the message is clear and not hard to understand by any viewers. Therefore, it is recommended that you use simple and lucid language for overall viewers to understand it easily. 

5. Well-placed CTA button

Yes, this has been mentioned before already. But that’s how important it is! Without a well-placed CTA button, you cannot expect to provide a seamless experience to your viewers. Your marketing strategy is incomplete without it. 

6. Creativity 

Another vital thing to consider while designing UX for your website is creation. It would help if you used unique and extraordinary ideas to develop all the parts of your website. The users’ experience becomes much better when they see something creative and uncommon. 

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Wrapping Up

Giving your website viewers a unique kind of experience can impact your business. However, the process is not that easy. 

You might not be the best in the game at once. Take small steps, understand your business, and study the users’ behavior. This will gradually lead you to create the best UX for your website. 

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Maliha Tasneem is a professional content writer who has been writing creative and technical content for four years. Currently, she is working at Webappick – a giant WordPress Plugin development company, as a content writer.

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