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Women of RRGraph – We Have Real Choices!

Women of RRGraph – We Have Real Choices!

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We’re responsible for our thoughts and actions—every day. And regardless of our gender, we need to acknowledge where we stand in the middle of society. We’ve heard about female astronauts and prime ministers. Schoolgirls can go to university; women can work and be mothers to their kids. That being said, it indicates that equality has brought significance for both men and women, and a specific job no longer perceives gender as a vital part.

What catches us off guard is, instead, how discrimination still occurs. It arises in a less-blatant way through body language, prejudice, and other small behavior which initiates one’s emotional state. It’s a little disconcerting, sad even, to see that creating psychologically safe environments where everyone feels comfortable getting to know each other, appreciating differences, and learning to give and openly receive feedback is a thing that requires hard work.

“The unspoken words will lead to misunderstanding and poor team dynamics.”

Around us, there’re such problems that no one tells. Hence, if you find someone underrepresented, encourage them to speak out, build them to be brave, and live with it. They may be genius problem solvers, the most intelligent person in the room, but never share their ideas while a decision is being made.



During this International Women’s Day celebration, we have these Ms. and Mrs. of RRGraph share about their condition related to day-to-day office duty.

Larasita, Marketing Strategist

In RRGraph, I do a one-step-ahead plan for the marketing division. Most of my work requires thinking and planning. As a first woman employee here, I think RRGraph has had equality since the beginning. Whether you’re a woman or a man, if you can get the job done, then you’re the one. Until now, I haven’t gotten any bad experiences, the guys are fun, and we respect each other.

However, since it’s particularly all-guys place, I’d say that the facility is not so women-friendly. But RRGraph has tried to change it by recruiting more women. Then there’s prayer robe, mirror, separated bedroom, and some kitchen utensils.

RRGraph is very supportive. They drive me to live fully with my passion; illustration. I do book illustrations as a side job, and the founders don’t mind at all. More, these people helped me to recover my illustration files that had been lost! I want to continue my study as well, and hopefully, the founders will support me 100% and give me the advice to do financial planning and strategy.

Azzahra, Marketing Manager

I am responsible for compiling any marketing-related work and progress. At some points, I oblige to make videos and create freebies layouts. Those require multitasking skills and durability to go through tight schedules. Yet I am so lucky to work here, where there’s no gap between employees, so that I can share anything with them with no hesitation.

I am a mommy too. So far, RRGraph always comes up with special treats, so I have more time to care for my little family. For example, they allowed me three months’ leave during pregnancy. What’s more, girls have their room to take a rest when crammed hits during the period.

Hmmm, and food is also essential. I mean, there’s this guy who sells snacks in the office. It helps a lot when I crave some spicy food. I will say that I often spill some short sayings, yet everybody’s okay with it. They know that I don’t mean it. Sorry guys, mood swings and estrogen are sucks sometimes.

Anin, Product Manager

RRGraph is a cozy place to work. The founders are super kind in that they always listen to our opinion, though it’s a bit thing and seems a bit unimportant. Every day, they try to treat us better and better. They facilitate us with kitchen utensils, toiletries, cleaning-set, etc. We girls never have any serious problems with the boys.

RRGraph helps me to achieve my goal. They let me learn about marketplace and design template management by allowing my work in this position. So, one thing that I’ve realized is pretty essential is making sure I am surrounded by and that I work for and with people who will support me to success. Shortly, I want to know how RRGraph, as a business, can grow. I want to learn their way of managing financial stuff, how the founders rise and fall, and be steady again to keep everything in the right way.


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Aribah, Customer Support

In my opinion, every employee here is treated proportionally. I feel like the relationship among its employees is rather family-like than just a normal co-works. We care for each other, and the environment does sound to me as a married woman. Here, long days can feel so fast, and every day almost feels like Friday.

Here, there’s no such thing as bullies. The schedule and job desk fit me too. I don’t need to wake up very early in the morning, and as I get home, I can still prepare dinner for my husband. I’ve never been bragged about any weekend task so that I may have quality time with my family.

At last, though several things remain unclear because I am still new here, I dare to place a bet that RRGraph will be worth more than I’ve ever thought.

Yuna, Junior Designer

There’s no minority in RRGraph, that’s. That’s. Everyone has the same opportunity and right to say something. And also, the circumstance is very supportive. We can freely express anything, and we know each others’ boundaries.

Hence, I feel secure working here. Nobody annoys me. And most importantly, my peers are pretty open, they’re willing to teach and share, which is good, so I can gain more knowledge than just working like a horse. To me, metaphorically, RRGraph is like a cherished sanctuary.

Melisa, Intern

It’s my first time doing a 9-5 p.m. job. I don’t know if it’s normal, but I think here that I always feel included though I don’t have much experience. Still, I have some problems due to the age differences. I sometimes feel afraid to mingle with others. I probably am talkier in school and can laugh at my classmates’ jokes, something I hardly do here in the office. However, it’s okay, I mean. I just need to adjust more.

Anyway, it’s an excellent open excellent to work here. Because I’ve noticed people are very supportive and always ready to teach me new things. One thing, I hope I can learn more about video editing in RRGraph!

Cici, Assistant

Overall, I have no problems with the guys. I am so happy with my job because I can get inspiration, experience, and friends in one package. But I hope you guys can gain more togetherness by praying together. Play hard, pray hard, right? Hehe.

Wellie, Queen

Miaaow… I love sleeping. That’s what I am doing. Miaaow… And I love staying with these hoomans. They give me food, I mean, delicious and expensive food. Miaaow… They still do good to me, although I am not reasonable to them. It’s weird. Hoomans are funny creatures. But at least they’re good to me. Miaoow… They feed me delicious and expensive food. I like it when they mix the food with a bit of water. It makes the food wet and yummy, I mean, very yummy. I don’t want li that’s too dry. Miaaow… I don’t want to get disturbed when I sleep, except you wish some scars on your skin. I love sleeping on the CPU or someone’s bag because the ceramics floor feels cold. I hope my hoomans will give me a room-heater or something like that. Miaaow… I love something warm.

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