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Founder Talks: On Workplace Wellness

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What’s more important than celebrating World Social Justice Day on 20th February is acting on a relevant issue, including workplace wellness. The remembrance itself upholds the core tenants of humanity in which businesses should contemplate fighting for justice, whichever way possible. With that being said, we aim to investigate the harmony of RRGraph’s values towards its employees.

founder talks rasid

In this article, Rasid Wiyono, as one of the founders, talks about workplace wellness and how it affects the living standards among employees, while at the same there remain certain issues, including uncertain opportunities, last-minute tasks, non-traditional surface skills, and another thing that may occur in a start-up company.

How do you define wellness? Is it correlated with justice?

“Wellness and justice have a slight border. Justice isn’t about treating everyone equally but is more a reciprocal duty we give someone who eagers more effort. Something with effort brings more value and is resulted in our client’s trust and satisfaction. That’s the parameter for me to treat the team better. And it coheres with their wellness, if they do more, we’ll give more.”

Told him the first time he heard the topic of this conversation. Wellness and justice may pop into our heads as an obscure concept. Everyone has their own idea about that. And Rasid himself admits that it’s pretty hard to get the team to share the same value, especially when they have a contrasted habit and point of view. But it doesn’t leave him asphyxiated. However, he finally attains his own extent to value someone by their work ethic, and it becomes a measurement for their rewards.

There are two kinds of rewards RRGraph would give. Materials, which be given through a salary bonus, and non-material ones, as a sort of flexibility on the day-to-day learning progress, where employees aren’t limited in a strict, tight deadline and schedule, but a sense of freedom to learn any skill they want master. Subsequently, Rasid realizes that being successful, both as a company and individual isn’t a mere about having endless growth and revenue accumulation. Deeper than that, to set employees with success, it lies in how this company is always ready to assist its employees in achieving their personal objectives. Though that sort of individual achievement doesn’t bring a significant impact, yet it unexpectedly affects the overall performance of the company in some ways.

In terms of commercialism, the purpose of building RRGraph to Rasid is to escalate the thoughtful ideas every presenter delivers. “Rather than the fair designed one, a well-crafted presentation can change the future holds, either to the speaker or the audience, and we’re here to facilitate its purpose, that’s our fundamental as a company.”  So pragmatics, you may think. Meanwhile, there’s one thing Rasid loves to be the founder that has nothing to do with the job itself. It’s when he sees employees go to the office with a decent smile in the morning.

 “Their smile, for me, tells happiness in the indirect way they can’t fake. It indicates that they can maintain work-life balance, that they have a good quality time with friends and family, do whatever hobby they like, and let go off any office’s duty after 5 p.m.,” Rasid continues. It’s a long process until he arrives with that sort of mindset, which is a bit freer and open. 

On one’s own, Rasid made his father as a role model. When he was a kid, he watched his father work day and night like no one can’t stop it. The experience unconsciously turns him to be that ‘workaholic’ kind of guy.  Once in a while, he tried not to do anything after work, but he couldn’t. He needs to stay productive, even after his little family went to bed already.

Not everyone has such persistence, hence he can’t push that habit to the team. Considering that fact, in a way of treating everyone with decency, he manages to facilitate the office with fun and comforts. There’re guitars, joysticks, games, loudspeakers, snacks, beverages, badminton every Thursday, and crafting day once every two months. And those make RRGraph more like a playground. Treating with decency can also be meant as the method of RRGraph incorporates employees’ feedback. Then there, Rasid begs the other founders to be more aware with their team, because feedback sometimes it’s not uttered in the bud, but subtly through their behaviors, and can only be confirmed with face-to-face conversation.


Rasid also mentioned inclusivity as one of the priorities to help all kinds of people succeed. He doesn’t have any type of person he barely accepts to work here. Everyone deserves the same opportunity, regardless of their educational, race, religious background. Highschool and vocational school graduates have the same chance as university graduates. In the end, it’d be about their attitudes and willingness to adapt. Moreover, there’s an openness for everyone in the team to be RRGraph’s CEO in the future under an exceptional occurrence for the best, greater purpose, where this company still can give social protection, an enjoyable atmosphere, and financial security as the employees’ rights.

If you could have a mantra to transform one thing, what would it be?

I have none. I am so grateful for our condition right now. With all the obstacles I had back then, I can meet with this team. I sometimes think that it’s a great coincidence in my life. And I can say no more. If I can turn back time, I won’t change anything too. No matter how great it’d be, obstacles will always walk with us side by side.

Get in touch with Rasid 🤝🏻

Rasid is a “One Piece” fan, he’s also a proud Malayan band’s listener who sings about love and desperation. You can hit Rasid through LinkedIn. To say the least, make sure to read our founder talks series about business sustainability.

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