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Nature-Based PowerPoint Color Palette to Raise Audience’s Awareness for This Lonely Planet

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Nature-Based PowerPoint Color Palette to Raise Audience’s Awareness for This Lonely Planet

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A nature-based PowerPoint color palette is a good companion to your environmental presentation (or any presentation), let alone when your design is as catchy and organic. Talking about nature, what comes to our mind first must be trees and animals. Their beauty inspires us to love nature more. No wonder people often want to include trees and animals in their designs, including PowerPoint presentation designs.

The second thing that people usually want to include in their PowerPoint presentation design is a glimpse of hope. While we are talking about nature in this conversation, nature also shows positive changes recently. One of them is how renewable energy slowly replaces fossil fuel consumption, resulting in cleaner air.

Again, there is another thing that presenters usually want to include in their design: things in our nature that need our awareness. Even though a glimpse of hope is radiating recently, we still need to fight for better stuff like plastic pollution and global warming, which results in melting icebergs.

The question is, how to put all of those things into a subtle message in our PowerPoint presentation? We don’t always need to put nature documentary videos in every of our PowerPoint presentations. Here is some insight about the nature-based PowerPoint color palette you can use for your next environmental presentation (or any presentation, actually).

Start from the most basic: trees

First, let’s start with the most common and most basic nature-based color palette: green and white.

Combining those two colors is what we usually use to depict something natural, one of the most crucial parts of our ‘secret mission’.

You don’t need many details on this one nature-based PowerPoint color palette because you need simplicity. You can see an excellent example of a green and white combined PowerPoint design in Squareplants Ecology & Environment PowerPoint Template from BrandEarth.

This design doesn’t clutter your slides with distracting pictures, even though you still can use the images of your choice for the background. You can also see that there are happy little trees here and there to give the presenter mental support in the background. However, none of those is the point.

Its simplicity will help you focus on the presentation because they are less likely to get distracted by your slides. The contents in your slide will also stand out. The green and white color pallets are so simple and bring out writings with darker colors (like black or grey).  

Your audience may also become calmer and cozier as the vibe this nature-based PowerPoint color palette represents is about those happy little trees supporting you from behind. Cheers to those happy little trees.

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Why don’t we try with the planet’s flag?

This planet has a flag usually used on Earth Day, even though it is not an official flag. This flag was created by John McConnell in 1969 and appeared like a lonely planet floating in the great nowhere. However, each color in McConnell’s flag represents something meaningful.

You can take inspiration from the cloud-like marbling or the contrast between dark blue and light blue based on the flag’s color.

This flag consists of dark blue as the outer background and a light blue circle encasing white cloud-like marbling. Each color means something: dark blue is the atmosphere of this planet, light blue represents the ocean, and the white cloud-like marbling represents the cloud itself.

Subtle appreciation for the rise of renewable energy

The next stop is not about nature itself but rather about a glimpse of hope mentioned earlier. It is about increasing renewable energy, so the chosen color palette should describe the ‘color’ of power but make it ‘greener.’

However, different from the simple green and white color palette in Squareplant, the gradient of yellowish to green in Empower talks more about the ‘switching.’

An energizing green PowerPoint template from BrandEarth entitled Empower Ecology PowerPoint Presentation Template can become an inspiration. In this template, you can see how the gradient from a yellowish color to darker green can subtly talk about ‘greener energy.

The yellowish mist represents energy generation. But as we are talking about the rise of renewable energy, the gradient that turns it into darker green means that we are going in a greener direction in energy consumption.

Like the Squareplant template above, this color combination will make writings in darker colors stand out because most of the slides’ backgrounds are white.

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Organic jollity in Nature-Based PowerPoint color palette

In our urban lifestyle, something ‘natural’ might not be a vast land full of trees or reindeer running by your windows. Sometimes it is about the bright red tomato sold in supermarkets or about the small succulent you put next to your keyboard in the office.

You can also celebrate their presence as part of nature if you can bring the right vibe. Gartenia PowerPoint Template by RRGraph Team and The Greensun PowerPoint Template by BrandEarth might help you to find the right PowerPoint color palette for that purpose.

Depending on how you see nature itself and what message you want to tell your audience, the choice is yours.

Gartenia uses smooth shades of greens and combines them with vector illustrations or pictures of potted plants. The template doesn’t need to use bright colors to bring joy and instead uses pastel colors like light brown, pink, and brown to tell that nature can also be humble.

On the other hand, The Greensun template brings out the bright natural colors of fruits and vegetables to beautify its simple white and green palette. Different from Gartenia, the way Greensun puts those striking bright colors is by using real pictures. This can be an inspiration for you who cannot design vector illustrations.

Each of both templates tells a different message about nature. Gartenia, with its humbler color palette, shows how nature is organic and nurturing. At the same time, The Greensun template shows how colorful and joyful our nature is.

Raising awareness of our majestic wildlife

As you can see, most of those templates mentioned above use white and shades of green color palettes to describe nature. However, sometimes we have to eliminate the white and greens and embrace the blacks and browns.

Wildones Nature & Wildlife PowerPoint Template embrace our nature’s wild side using a black and brown color palette. The black background talks about the boldness and mystery of nature’s wildlife, while the brown color represents their skin color. Accompanied by some pictures of wild animals, the sense of wilderness is amplified.

Nature-Based PowerPoint Color Palette
This color palette shows that nature is not always about green tranquility.

Sometimes, nature is also about mystery and survival. Using this color palette, you can show your audience about your boldness or your wild side. Big chance that they will see you as the boss in this presentation.

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Nature-Based PowerPoint color palette with a clean environment vibe

Another nature-based PowerPoint color palette inspiration that you might want to try is the Eco-Business Presentation Template. This template describes nature with a broader range of colors, including blue, brown, green, grey, black, and white.

Nature-Based PowerPoint Color Palette
The vast range of shades that can be used is another benefit of using this color palette.

What’s unique about this template is, the combination of blue and green delicately talks about a clean environment. Each of those two colors tells a different story. Blue is for fresh air and blue sky, while of course green is for greenery.

Blue and green are neighbors in the white color spectrum; thus, their shades’ combination will not result in unmatching colors like when we combine bright red and bright blue.

Dark version to conserve energy

Talking about a nature-based PowerPoint color palette, we would be selfish if we only care about our slides’ appearance. We should not forget about how we can contribute to the earth in our presentation.

Nature-Based PowerPoint Color Palette
The white parts of the background will usually be converted into black or dark grey in the dark version.

One of the simplest ways to show that we care about nature is by conserving energy, and we can do that simply by turning our presentation slides into dark versions.

According to How-To Geek, the pixels do not produce light or produce only dimmer light in this condition. Like how dimmer lamps consume less energy than blinding bright ones, the exact mechanism applies to your projector or LCD screen.

These templates mentioned above include a dark version in which the black and white parts are mostly reversed. So, you can not only promote to your audience the colors of nature, but you can also literally contribute to saving nature.

We can talk with colors, including a nature-based PowerPoint color palette

Colors can talk much even without us telling what it means to the audience. According to an article in a very healthy mind, color can influence one’s physiological reactions and mood, but it can even affect our blood pressure.

Choosing the right nature-based PowerPoint color palette can help you deliver your messages more effectively. We, at RRGraph Design, do not only work with colors for aesthetic and artistic purposes but also to assist presenters with their delivery.

Each of our works and projects is carefully crafted to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of delivering their presentation.  Of course, the functionality should go alongside the side with the beauty of our trademark eye-catching, heart-warming, mind-blowing, soul-charming designs.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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