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A Design Leader Daily Duties: The Juxtaposition of Design and Outdoors

The Juxtaposition of Design and Outdoors

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A Design Leader Daily Duties: The Juxtaposition of Design and Outdoors

Now and again, graphic design is always linked to computers, lower back pain, strict deadline, and vision problems. But not to Aji Mas Faruq. Aji once said, “It’s tiring to see all those stuff.” What he meant, of course, are PowerPoint slides. He’s keen on adventures, such as hiking and camping. Thus his life is all about the juxtaposition of design and the outdoors.

The Juxtaposition of Design and Outdoors
Aji hikes a mountain as an extracurricular activity.

For those who don’t recognize them, Aji is a team leader at RRGraph. It’s been a year approximately for him sitting in that position. He initially didn’t expect to be given a responsibility to watch over 15 designers. At first, he admitted that he was unsure due to his age. However, RRGraph’s team put belief in Aji by uplifting his capability.

 Why does he feel so much pressure?
Well, take a look at this team leader’s duty in a design agency: 

09.00 ━ Sort the projects that must be finished today and share them with designers. Worksheet inbox consists of clients explaining how their presentation wants to be redesigned.

09.30 Give briefs and guidelines to each designer related to the project. Afterward, make coffee, prepare some biscuits, and create a playlist to bring good vibes.

Wonder about the etiquette for giving feedback. 11.00 Occasionally check the designers’ work on the spot to see whether their style follows the instructions. Is it OK to judge their work? Or?

14.00  When it’s ready, the project is submitted to the quality control team. Meanwhile, do random strolls, play with Wellie, comb the hair, and stretch stiff muscles.

15.30 Check the journals of each designer and recap their points to see if they reach the daily target or not. Think about hiking next holiday. Remember that some hikes are now closed because of pandemics.

On a regular day, those are Aji’s tasks in the office. Still, being a team leader certainly is not just so. Aji often finds designers who find trouble here and there. It mostly happens due to a misunderstanding of some technical terms. Some designers are still less familiar with overlay, trim, kerning, spacing, etc. They probably have heard about those technical terms and can’t implement them properly. The experienced design leader Aji must have the patience to explain and act as a teacher to overcome such issues.

In addition, being a team leader has made Aji more open to feedback. The client’s brief is a priority, but it’s not a dogma, right?  Aji considers the designers’ solution as a pill to optimize the result of their client’s project. Then, Aji provides a slight leeway for designers to spill their tastes.

Back to 2018 when Aji was a junior designer, he had worked on a project about Cannabis: 

Aji said to be happy working on that project because the client gave them the freedom to explore its visual presence. From this experience, Aji learned that space is one of the fundamental things that can make designers happy to work on something.

Aji, who previously had won some drawing competitions during kindergarten-elementary school competitions, now turns out to be an outdoor activity savvy. He says something about instincts regarding that notion, “Humans love freedom, that’s their basic instinct; hence, the outdoors can be a lifestyle for some. Outdoor juxtaposes with design or any artistry work to lure a sense of escapism, to set us free amid this monotonous, boring life.”

 If you want to know more about Aji, look at his presentation template works below: 


Cryptonary is built for finance and cryptocurrencies business. Creative visuals and unique vector elements support this item to display your diagrams better. This template is easy to edit; no skills are required. It supports drag and drops content, which makes everyone can present like professionals, and is designed with attractive purple gradient color. It consists of more than 60 slides, with 11 color schemes ready to improve your business presentation. You’ll find finance-related infographics, vectors, charts, and layouts that you can fully use without being wasted.


Juxtaposition of Design and Outdoors

Alamian is an outdoor presentation template. With this authentic digital asset, you can amazingly share wildlife adventures and promote your outdoor gears. This outdoor presentation template has 64 slides and is compiled with many outdoor bags images. Therefore, it’s perfect as a pitch deck for hiking, camping, kayaking, tour guide, and outdoor travel excursion services. Tropical jungle, rocky mountain, perennial river? Alamian will bring you to any destination under the sun with original slides. Hopefully, seeing this work, now you understand what it means by the juxtaposition of design and outdoors.

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