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6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
graphic design tools

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Figuring out graphic design tools will give us the ability to go in-depth about design with creative freedom. But being a master in one specific area isn’t enough. For us, to be more holistic is necessary seeing that all design fields are influential for each other in many ways.

Most designers outside are overvaluing themselves as the best one. The fact is, they are stuck in the middle with their humdrum tools. Here, we as a presentation design agency come with a lot of surprises. We amplify our design skills beyond to create practical, purposeful, and beautiful things. To do that, many accessible design tools will help us a lot.

We will show you six compelling lists of our weapons that have stuck on us. Let’s start sharing.

Graphic Design Tools 1: Presentation Software

Presentation software varies widely to help with its efficiency that allows us to access everything we need from any device. Each software has its uniqueness, such as crafty templates, usable tools, and collaborative features. Below are some presentation tools we bound up with.

1. Microsoft PowerPoint

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Microsoft PowerPoint is the first-rate presentation software that comes to our mind. This tool provides everything we need, like using animated transitions, adjusting fonts, and adding graphic elements. It is easy to get a boring slideshow if we are clueless to craft. Perhaps, if you want to look for the best bang, you are better to look elsewhere to explore your taste.

2. Google Slide

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Google Slides is very similar to PowerPoint. There are two special features, online and free. The great thing about Google Slides is that we can log in via browser or app, access pitch deck from any device, and collaborate with other people in real-time. We can embed videos from other sources and add audio tracks with sound effects. All in all, Google Slides is an excellent variant for us when looking for an easy-to-use pitch deck.

3. Keynote

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Keynote’s main perk is another PowerPoint version in the Apple ecosystem with a sleek and minimalist interface. We can control the projects from our wrist since Keynote is available in the Apple Watch. Non-Apple users can create, upload, and sync their own Keynote pitch deck by iCloud Drive. Still, some features are beneficial only for those who use multiple Apple devices. Plus, if you often use PowerPoint, you might find Keynote a bit confusing in the beginning.

Graphic Design Tools 2: Plugins and Add-ins

Plugins help us be more productive because it makes everything faster and more instant. Whatever the design tools we use, these plugins will soften our workflow. Check the list below.

1. Pexels Photoshop Plugin

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Choosing the right images is a daily matter since we need to get our work done efficiently without hassle. However, finding image stock for free and without attribution is not as easy as we think. Worry not, Pexels provides an easy-to-use plugin for Photoshop. Indeed, this tool can significantly ease our distress with 30k high-quality photos freely without attribution.

2. Icon by Noun Project

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Noun Project is a popular plugin with over one million high-quality icons. Icons are a great element to illustrate any idea visually. We use Noun Project as our extension in Photoshop to pick icons, add colors, and edit image sizes. With it, we can add some visuals to our pitch deck and simplify overload information with catchy symbols.

3. Coolorus

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

We love Photoshop, but the color is so lousy! Calm down, Coolorus will overturn our way for color experiences. It will not only speed up our workflow, but it also helps us to pick better colors with less headache. Suppose you often feel lost in a sea of color, Coolorus will help you narrow down and automatically pick the perfect blends. Let’s show your great sense to achieve color harmony.

Graphic Design Tools 3: Color Palettes Generators

Color palette tools enable us to ensure the greatest tints. Our consistency in conveying the right shades is important for design branding. We suggest you to use these color scheme tools for any design fields.

1. Coolors

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Coolors is a quick generator that allows us to create, save, and share perfect colors in seconds. We can generate color schemes from an image and toggle different shades to fit our design needs. Additionally, we also use their ‘Explore’ feature to browse thousands of color options created by the community. They do a great job of providing daily color palettes on their Instagram feed.

2. ColorSpace

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

ColourSpace is a forum site for color palettes with almost two million palettes submitted by its users. Go to the site, then click “generate,” You will find the color’s richness, such as generic gradient, matching gradient, classy palette, etc. Now you find the ready-made color matches blissfully.

3. Adobe Color

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Adobe Color allows us to experiment more hues based on the color theory. With the latest version, we can explore thousands of color palettes for design fields, such as graphic design, illustration, fashion, architecture, etc. We can browse trending colors that fit our community’s design needs in addition to user-generated color schemes.

Graphic Design Tools 4: Creative Software

Every designer should examine creative software as a necessary piece of design equipment. Whether we are a freshman in the design world, having the right design tools is such a blessing in life. These devices can give us more control over how we discover.

1. Adobe Photoshop

6 Graphic Design Tools Our Team Can’t Live Without

Most designers overlook Photoshop as a handy tool to manipulate designs, not just making memes. Photoshop is the first software we learned, and we are so lucky to be experts in Photoshop. Photoshop is a perfect way for photos manipulation, color adjustments, font pairing, product mock-ups, etc. We can assure that Photoshop is more useful than you think at first glance.

2. Adobe Illustration

Adobe Illustrator is the king of our vector tool. We can create artwork, icons, posters, etc. Plus, we can use this design tool to draw, mix, and refine something spectacular. For beginners, AI provides professionally designed templates to save time. The program’s user interface is helpful, but there is a steep learning curve to get good at illustrator.

3. Gimp

GIMP is our alternative way that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. There are many customizable features and plugins to improve our productivity. GIMP can also be used for retouching images, interface components, and mock-ups along with print designs such as icons and logos.

Graphic Design Tools 5: Inspiration Websites

We need to look outside of cool sites to find epiphanies. Some sources showcase designs in all areas, including photography, illustration, and typography. We like to use these sites to look for color trends, vector icons, and other design elements. See our design inspiration kits below.

1. Behance

Behance is designed by creatives worldwide to showcase their design projects and spread many inspirations for us. This site is beneficial for newbies who have started experimenting with design. If you want to find some impressive portfolios and maybe sharpen your skills, click on behance.net now to sign up with email. You will not get stressed again in looking for inspiration from notable curators.

2. Dribble

Are you looking for some quick and bizarre inspiration? Let’s get in touch with Dribble. We can browse the endless images catalog by putting the keywords in the search bar, and Dribbble will lead us as they promise to show. In the meantime, we can keep and display our work there. Dribble also has a blog and podcast where we can get design tips and in-depth interviews from the site’s operators. It is so fun, right?

3. Pexels

In Pexels, the curators will share their best shots to populate its searchable image for design inspirations. We can browse for something specific with an excellent set of images and mock-ups. One thing that we like is that Pexels provides unique space photography. Some of the material is from NASA, an aerospace government agency whose images can be shown in specific contexts.

Graphic Design Tools 6: Other Equipments

Being creative is not enough without snug starter packs that go with us in every bit of our activity. Eight hours will walk so fast if we work with a loving and restful environment. Actually, we have many items that bring us a vigor, but these three things are quite enough to share with you.

1. Headphones

Headphones are not solely a thing, but it is must-have stuff for us. Even if we work on a project that includes video, we will need a great set of headphones to receive the best results. Yeah, every single time, we need to listen to some music to gain a jolly mood when doing so many tasks.

2. Ergonomic desk

We spend long hours at the workspace. We love to create designs that drive us to watch on the screen, what a real pain in the neck. Indeed, having a comfy chair and desk is literally peacefulness for us to focus on our creativity and productivity more than anything else.

3. Large-scale monitor

Technology psd created by freepik – www.freepik.com

For us, working with a large monitor can seem more like a coziness. The quality of the monitor we use can support our motivation in the working atmosphere. In case we buy a 4K monitor, we need to pay attention to the best resolution. Anyway, choosing the monitors between 27 until 32 inches is ideal for graphic designers.

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Closing thoughts

Talking about design is like talking about a song. We can depict it with words, but we can’t share without experience. Indeed with proper design tools, we can build a career to achieve our biggest goal, whether self-employed or the company’s goal.

All we ask in return is that kindly visit our blog for more ways out. Join us on Instagram and connect with us on LinkedIn to know what’s new. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well for more PowerPoint design hacks. Enjoy!

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