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Great Creative Culture Is Vital for the Company Growth, See 10 Tips Here!

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana
a great creative culture

Table of Contents

Great creative culture to build and develop

What do you think of when you hear ‘creative culture’? Remember, a luxury office doesn’t define creative culture.

Paul Woods, Author, and CEO of Edenspiekermann, say that culture is not about things. Culture is about people. Culture is more important than vision. Another thing that is not less important is creativity. Creativity will be vital in providing a roadmap. In the era of COVID-19, it is time to develop a creative culture within your organization.

Come on, get to know more about a great creative culture.

What is a great creative culture?

Creative culture is a habit within a company, such as your values, how your people interact and work together, how you treat your employees, partners, and clients. Plus, the company can ensure that your people have everything they need to be their most creative and innovative shelves.

A great creative culture can increase company profits, higher operating income per employee, operating margins, growth rates, and asset return.

Also, innovation is vital for the growth of a company. Environmental and behavioral changes can enhance your team’s creative output, attract the right talent, and ultimately move your company beyond its corporate goals.

The ways to build a great creative culture

Here are ten ingredients for changing your company culture that I learned from working with creative businesses:

1. Build an inspired workspace

It all starts with the workspace. A comfortable workspace will help provide space for the creative outpouring of employees. Provide enough structure to allow creativity to flourish but not hinder the creative process. For example

There is ample open space, comfortable living room arrangement, large windows, kitchen, and other convenient facilities. In addition, we can add whiteboards, markers, computers and other technology products.

A fun work environment creates a level of trust where creativity flows more freely. We must help employees find this sweet spot by empowering them to cultivate their own ideal creative work culture.

In addition, a great creative culture defines a company’s core value – creative excellence – as the agency’s criteria for selecting new people rewarding teams. A great creative culture allows everyone to notice their accomplishments.

2. Provide flexible working hours

Flexible working hours can create a great creative culture for a company. In addition, regular working hours create an organizational setting because people have different rhythms that make them more or less productive during certain hours. That way, flexible working hours can boost their productivity and inspiration.

Flexibility also attracts a creative talent pool with different interests and commitments in life. Working too hard will put your team on the fast track to burnout.

Remember, pay employees’ salaries accurately and adequately from their value. And always – always – pay your interns.

3. Give unlimited days off

The Ways to Build a Great Creative Culture allows employees to take a break from work. Inspiration is more likely to come when people feel free from daily routines.

Employees can take a day or two off to rest at home or have fun with their children and family. Exhausting employees with unrealistic deadlines/coverages or expecting weekend work is not one of the tremendous creative cultures in a company.

4. Build a diverse team

A great creative culture is building a diverse team and building a diverse group whose strengths lie in the complementary range of work experience, education, and cultural backgrounds of its members. Then, create an atmosphere of stability for the team because if they are worried about losing their job, financial problems, or excessive turnover, they will never bring out their best ideas.

5. Put the team first

Building the right team is the foundation of every organization. To have a great creative culture, you have to prioritize the group. If you get the team right and good chances are they’ll get the idea right. And finally, company can increase profits, growth rates, and asset return.

Here are ten ways to grow a more creative team:

1. Boost your team’s creativity through the right office design

It’s like a great creative culture to grow a more creative team through the right office design. Such as having an open space to encourage team creativity and innovation.

2. Encourage external thinking

Include your employees in the pursuit of innovation, such as researching parallel industries, collecting case studies, or even hiring professionals to facilitate and embrace new approaches to specific projects.

3. Encouraging creative and innovative work in teams by creating inclusive environments

Employees need to feel comfortable creating job opportunities that set their organization apart. It’s like a great creative culture. 

4. Make your team diverse

The more diverse the team, the more comprehensive the range of knowledge and personality diversity, and the more information we can get. It’s like a great creative culture.

5. Value new ideas

Come up with new ideas, and share them. It shows creativity and innovation. Then, we have to appreciate every idea they show us.

6. Encourage risk-taking

Inspiring innovation in the workplace requires risk, as in a great creative culture. Employees must be prepared to take risks to grow a more creative team, 

7. Encourage your employees to introspect

Self-reflection aims to pave the way for deeper thinking and yield valuable insights into productivity, group dynamics, and personal performance.

8. Appreciate your team’s effort

Reward team efforts to help retain top talent and increase employee satisfaction.

9. Don’t brainstorm

Brainstorming also generates the highest creativity and innovation within the corporate team.

10. Change your approach to meetings

Meetings should be as short as possible so as not to draw your team members away from valuable work, so prepare and stick to a plan to keep your team engaged.

Growing a more creative team and putting the team first is a way to create a great creative culture and make customers and shareholders happy.

Don’t forget to celebrate success now and then as a form of respect for its employees and an essential part of the agency’s creative organizational culture. This method can create a great creative culture in a company.

6. Value risk-taking

Once you’ve created the time and space for creativity, push it further by rewarding risk-taking. Valuing risk-taking is a great creative culture.

Companies like Google famously mandate that their employees dedicate a percentage of their working hours to developing their side projects.

7. Encourage disagreement

Debate is what you need to make sure your company constantly puts it first. We all know that micromanagement is a disaster for everyone—especially creatives. So give them some space and sort things out independently because the debate is a great creative culture. 

8. Try group problem-solving

Every organization needs an organizational structure. Provide enough structure to allow creativity to flourish but not hinder the creative process. We have to help each other complete a big project in a company. If your colleagues or team members miss the mark, help them analyze the situation, make the necessary adjustments, and learn from the experience.

For example, someone from the design team needs technical team support to provide their project. This method can create a great creative culture in a company.

9. Be direct

They are letting people voice what they feel is a great creative culture. Create a culture where employees speak up and respond without getting defensive. Everyone should talk to anyone should not reflect the organizational structure. So, create a free-flowing communication system, and ideas will grow.

10. Give autonomy and inspire responsibility

We hold people accountable for high expectations and independence to make their own decisions (with minimal guidance). Freedom can create a great creative culture in a company.

We hire great people and mentor them, and then, at some point, you let them do their job. Always try to hire people who are more intelligent than you. You need to pay attention to the following to let them work responsibly:

Background: Task context

Task: One line project description

Objectives: What are the business objectives that we need?

Posts: List of concrete posts

Deadlines: Internal and external deadlines

Resources: Links to files, documents, etc.

People love deadlines because it gives them perspective on projects. Always try to hire people who are more intelligent than you.

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How to develop a great creative culture

Creativity is the only way to help companies survive in an environment that pays high dividends for innovation and disruption across all sectors.

The creative culture encourages the innovative team always to do their best work. Then, the only way to achieve this goal is to build such a great creative closely—the purpose is to embrace improvement and present opportunities for individuals to learn and develop new skills.

All of this needs to be read along with the hard work to apply the principles. These skills we need to build for the future of work. For company can increase profits, higher operating income per employee, growth rates, and asset return. 

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