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PowerPoint Presentation Designers Types, Are You the One?

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
PowerPoint Presentation Designers

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There are so many types of designers in a PowerPoint design agency. We can easily find them in a freelancer platform and basically there is no significant difference between them from any other graphic designer. In fact, they are mere designers with PowerPoint as their primary tool.

Let’s take a look at 7 PowerPoint presentation designers types pretty damn quick.

PowerPoint Designers Type 1: Minimalist Guru

“Less is more” comes to our mind when thinking about the minimalist guru. They love using monochromatic color and won’t overwhelm anyone with text or image placeholders. But, attaining this designer type is not as easy as we think, they put a lot of effort to declutter presentation slides to be more clean and spacy.

They are quite famous these days since Marie Kondo and Apple’s products take over literally-any-market. Also, some chill lo-fi beats will pretty much describe them. They know how to create slides related to a medical, interior room, architecture, and fashion scope.

Favorite fonts

They use light and minimalistic fonts like Google and Apple do, such as Raleway, Roboto, Nexa, etc.

Favorite colors

 #565c5e : Storm

 #455954 : Forest Green

 #9d7463 : Leather

 #b5c2c7 : Grey

 #dfdbd8 : Linen

PowerPoint Designers Type 2: Typography Queen

They use the Serif fonts family. For aesthetic and fanciness, they won’t be tired of themselves scratching the delicate look of a text in the title, slides break, and anything where there is a text-box.

This type of PowerPoint presentation designer can bring your design to life in a fun and unique way. Their favourite design scopes are fashion, art, and culinary.

Favorite fonts

Handwritten fonts are nothing new, they have gained popularity over the years. Typography queens often use handwriting fonts to show their creativity like Vidaloka, Amatic SC, Daniel, etc.

Favorite colors

 #daa520 : Goldenrod

 #ff0000 : Red

 #a52a2a : Brown

 #ffa500 : Orange

 #ff6347 : Tomato

PowerPoint Designers Type 3: Mr. Dark Mode

The dark colors can be serious, professional, and conventional. Also, they can quite represent mysteriousness, sexiness, and sophistication. No matter the occasion, this type of PowerPoint presentation designer always uses the darkness sort of theme. They desire to look mysterious but failed because not every design looks good with a black background.

Well, just imagine that a McDonald’s marketing creates pitch-deck with all blackness nuance. I place a bet that the audience will be insinuating, “Did Ronald just graduate from Hogwarts?”

Favorite fonts

There are so many fonts they have, but these three fonts are gonna be perfect for them, such as Twenth, Lato Heavy, and Poppin.

Favorite colors

 #2f4f4f : Dark Slate Gray

 #191970 : Midnight Blue

 #000080 : Navy

 #696969 : Dimgray

 #000000 : Black

PowerPoint Designers Type 4: Motion Boy

A motion graphics designer is reliable for bringing movement to static graphics like images or text. The world of motions graphics involves a variety of work from animated presentations to product demos.

“Animating every graphic element” is their motto. Maybe they have applied as an animator in Pixar, but they didn’t pass the test. Turns out, they make a turning point by using their skills in PowerPoint design. It is quite sad but still cool. And yet, don’t get mistaken because nowadays more people are looking for PowerPoint presentation designers who can create a seamless animation effect.

Favorite fonts

If you are anything like them, the most challenging part of creating motion graphics is to find the right fonts to use in the projects. So, kindly use Kelson Sans, Lovelo, and Gobold for the best option.

Favorite colors

 #7b68ee : Medium Slate Blue

 #6a5acd : Slate Blue

 #00fa9a : Medium Spring Green

 #ff00ff : Magenta

 #ffff00 : Yellow

PowerPoint Designers Type 5: The Artsy

This PowerPoint presentation designer type doesn’t follow a typical graphic design rule, just like Basquiat. They are a pure genius who wants to spill their creativity out. They would explore Memphis and another whatsoever style, all blended into one.

In a pragmatic view, their PowerPoint presentation is made to assist a sophomore art department student or a contemporary art studio that needs to promote their museum, gallery, or exhibition.

Favorite fonts

An artsy font can send a special message through its unique and aesthetic shapes. Garamond, Baskerville, and Akzidenz Grotesk are the best choice to attract clients’ eyes.

Favorite colors

 #cd853f : Peru

 #a0522d : Sienna

 #800000 : Maroon

 #daa520 : Goldenrod

 #d2691e : Chocolate

PowerPoint Designers Type 6: The Tech Savvy

A web designer, also sometimes referred to as an interactive tech designer, is a person who creates web interfaces and website pages for the internet. Whether we need a blog template, a simple web page or a complete website, he or she is the person for us.

This type of PowerPoint presentation designer will have a strong knowledge of the design tools and technologies and may also have web development experience.

Favorite fonts

Whether they are a sci-fi fan or not, they often use Azonix, Astro Space, and Neoteric for commercial use.

Favorite colors

 #1f45fc : Blue Orchid

 #6960ec : Blue Lotus

 #2b60de : Royal Blue

 #357ec7 : Windows Blue

 #368bc1 : Glacial Blue Ice

PowerPoint Designers Type 7: UI/UX Master

Some of the designers are skilled in UI/UX design and some are not. They can create user interaction with the features and functions of a particular product.

They are different from a graphic designer who only designs the graphics and images while the UI/UX designer can define how users interact with those graphics and digital designs.

Favorite fonts

UI/UX designers have the capability of creating user experiences. They might use Proxima Nova, Roboto, and Montserrat font for simplicity. Actually, they are quite similar to the minimalist guru, but they focus on improving the interaction between the user and the product.

Favorite colors

 #ffa500 : Orange

 #ff0000 : Red

 #ffff00 : Yellow

 #4e9258 : Forest Green

 #4e387e : Purple Haze

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