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Making Presentation Design for Kids and 8 Ideas to Turn It More Compelling

Shasa Azzahra
Shasa Azzahra
Presentation design for kids

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Making a presentation design for kids isn’t an easy thing, and if you are an educator, indeed you truly understand the struggle.

First of all, you will work with so many kids and it is such a hard-won thing to create an engaging presentation for them.

If you want them to keep an eye out for your presentation while you are teaching them and give oh-so-exciting bullet points of information, think about it again. Because the best way to attract them is not only to make an interactive topic but also to keep the slides hilarious and energetic. 

So how to make a presentation design for kids to be more compelling? Below are our directions that you can follow:

Use the best tools for young learners

There are many preferences today for an educator to use technology to keep the young learner engaged.

You can pick another presentation app that is more fascinating than a basic PowerPoint, such as Courseware. It is a platform that can be applied to a small class of children.

The tool helps to make polls via electronic remotes without raising hands, needless to say, it will help your shy students a lot. If you need any other tools to assist you in creating a seamless presentation, you can check here

Create easy and funny themes

Everyone knows that PowerPoint hands down thousands of colors, fonts, shapes, and animation effects.

Most of us are often mistaken that those graphic elements can make one presentation look artsy. In fact, those things may mess up your message.

So use a simple design but still fun-looking for kids. Keep in mind that you have to eliminate useless things. Secondly, skip the stock template.

To tell the truth, the default templates provided by PowerPoint are ugly and overused. If you are using a template theme, create it more colorful and fun. Need an idea? Take a look at the example of a presentation template design for kids.

See also: Good Presentation Design Tips and Tricks to Develop

Five colors combination are enough

A matching palette can genuinely develop the look of your entire presentation slides. No need for mixed-up gradients or textures but you can touch them for excellent results by adding the right colors. We have some references for using tools like Coolors, Colordot, or Canva to create fine-tuned color schemes.

Look at your strong contrast between background and text so that your message can stand out. If you put a dark color as the background, use a lighter color as your text and if you have a light color as the background, then use darker color as the color text – this makes the text easy to read. 

Using a plain white background for your presentation slide is also a good idea to maximize your message to kids. Intentionally creating the elements of your background presentation also helps you to make a cheerful design.

Vector graphics yes, bullet points no

Too many bullet points included in slides can make kids difficult to get the message clearly.

They will not remember those ugly bullet points. Instead, they will remember some funny clipart matching and vector icons that look fun.

You can try them for a slide title, headings, and subheadings through recommended sites like Freepik and Vecteezy.

There are also 7 websites to download vector icons for PowerPoint to help children memorize your ideas easily.

Use kids-friendly fonts

Creating funny designs for children can be challenging. You can use a lot of funny fonts that are any other way of bounds on more formal design.

In a way to do that, you have to know about the scope related to the characteristics of kids. Creating a kids’ font is the best way to energize things. Unleash your inner child with 12 Best Kids Fonts for Children’s Website and Design Project.

Add audio-visual graphic

Creating visual properties to build your verbal PowerPoint topics may help kids be interested in what you are saying. Adding things such as a photo and a film or short video clip or a sample piece of fabric, food, animal, or relevant stuff for the discussion will create a creative twist.

Add your slide presentation by creating short videos from your PC or creating videos from a variety of online sources.

Another way of making a fun presentation is the use of animated GIFs, which somehow can uplift some touches of humor. Trying to attach an animated gif as a bit of comic relief or funny things is also relatable for kids.

Use attention-grabbing keywords

“The average attention span of 3 to 6 year-olds is under 10 minutes, for 7 to 12 year-olds is about 20 minutes, and a maximum of 40 minutes for 12 to 17-year range,” said O’Hanlon.

In brief, the younger they are the less time you will get your idea over them. Filling too much information into one slide will absolutely knock the bottom out of its purpose. Remember, kids often take a long time to process everything you say while they are watching the slide.

So use some keywords! When talking to children, use short simple sentences with one-syllable words. Have a look-see your words and phrases and be more intentional with the language, use interactive language rather than formal.

Download PowerPoint templates for kids

Searching for a presentation design service but you do not know if it is worth it? We highly recommend checking out here and jumping into their huge collection of presentation templates.

Presentation design for kids
Making an experiment to your presentation style is a great concept to keep the young learner engaged in what they are doing.

They provide a high-quality PowerPoint design with plenty of fascinating features, reused templates, and very cost-effective, and quick service.

What’s more, they already have so many trusted business customers over the world. 


Put in your mind that it is always good to survey any new software in making a presentation design by yourself. By doing that, you can tackle any problem and finally can present materials in a more fascinating way for kids. 

Questions or comments about this presentation design for kids tips? Feel free to drop your ideas, or just get in touch with us via Instagram!

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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