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PowerPoint’s New Recording Studio Helps You Tell Your Story in Your Words

powerpoint’s new recording studio

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How PowerPoint’s New Recording Studio Helps You Build Your Story and Deliver Them Clearly

Doing a presentation is one of the essential points in our life, be it for a class, business meeting, or promotional purposes. That is why you need to carefully craft your presentations to grasp your audience’s attention and achieve your goals. One of the tools to use in creating your slides in PowerPoint. It is deemed to be the best presentation software there is. This tool offers many helpful features that make it easier to build suitable presentation slides.

However, merely having good presentation slides is not enough to achieve the purpose of your presentation. Even if you’re using the best presentation software, the way you deliver your presentation is also essential. Providing the perfect presentation to your audience can be difficult, which is why Microsoft is adding a new recording studio to PowerPoint. Microsoft announced a new recording tool in Microsoft PowerPoint to help you record, retake and share your presentation more accessible than before. PowerPoint’s new recording studio also offers many advantages in making the slides more immersive and engaging to the audience.

There is a shift in the working environment from face-to-face interactions to more virtual settings. Due to this shift, there is a need to simplify the creation of presentation slides and make them more personal to audiences. The Recording Studio allows users to reach more people in a way that is accessible and convenient for viewers to perceive content at their own pace and time. Another advantage that you can get from the Recording Studio is that whether you’re working from home and delivering your presentation over video conferencing software or planning to present your ideas to your team in the office, PowerPoint’s new recording studio allows you to practice beforehand so you can deliver more impactful and engaging presentations.

The recording studio in PowerPoint lets you deliver your message in your own words and helps you present more impactful and engaging presentations. All you need to do is click Record in the top right corner in PowerPoint, and you will be taken to a customizable personalized view. You can also navigate your presentation as you speak using ink and laser pointer. Once you’re ready to start the recording, click the red button, and you will see a countdown to begin.

Everyone may have different preferences in viewing their content. PowerPoint notes can guide you through your presentation while recording, whether it’s high-level notes or word-for-word scripts. Because everyone has different preferences and needs, Microsoft has created three different new recording studio views you can choose from. Let me elaborate on them for you.

Teleprompter view

One of the views provided by PowerPoint’s new recording studio is called teleprompter view. A teleprompter refers to the device used to give presenters visual access to the text they need to speak. A Teleprompter allows the reader to keep eye contact with their audience while sounding impromptu. In other words, the speakers use a teleprompter to read the texts in their presentation without looking like they are reading the text. Hence, a teleprompter is also called an Autocue.

Teleprompters are very convenient when someone needs to relay a lot of information to a large audience. This is because speakers can use teleprompters when their information is highly technical, too complicated to remember, or contains topical details that need to be gotten right. Just like its name, the teleprompter view offers you a way to read your notes while you’re looking at the camera.

In the new recording studio, the teleprompter view is the default view when you click Record. It is ideal for many recordings because it helps you prioritize getting your message delivered successfully. You have to be more focused on your audience than reading your slides to get your point across. Therefore, with a teleprompter view, you could simultaneously look at the camera while reading your notes at the same time. You don’t have to struggle with a printout or notes or even juggle between two laptops to read your notes. That is why this tool will be beneficial for you in conducting a perfect presentation for your audience.

Presenter view

The second view provided by Microsoft for the PowerPoint’s new recording studio is the presenter view. This view allows you to see what the audience is viewing on the screen while also having an extended version of the presentation open on your laptop. This means, as a presenter, you don’t have to depend on the same slides duplicated on two screens. You also have access to complete slide content and a set of other tools that will help your presentation to run smoothly.

The presenter view gives you access to the notes you had made while preparing for the presentation. You can have detailed reference notes for your presentation and use them while presenting your content. You will be the only person who can see this note, while your audience will only see your regular slides. Because of this, you don’t have to bring handheld notes, and you will not be blank in the middle of the presentation due to running out of words or relevant ideas during the presentation. Presenter view also helps you keep a detailed track of the time you spent presenting on each slide. Therefore, you will know when to speed up your slow down in delivering your presentation.

Presenter view will help you manage your presentation without making you worried about what’s coming up next in your slides. You can see the preview while also seeing your notes on the right side of the pane, along with the thumbnail views of all the upcoming slides.

Slide view

The last view from PowerPoint’s new recording studio is called slide view. This view is the typical view that people use for their presentation. It allows you to focus more on the slides while you are presenting. If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t like to see many things on your screen, or maybe you are the type of person who likes to speak spontaneously, and perhaps your slides are already so loaded with content that you don’t even need notes or preview, then this view is a perfect choice for you.

Unlike the teleprompter view and presenter view, slide view is just a normal view that you usually see in every presentation. This means that the presenter and the audience will see the same set of slides. Using this view, you could make new notes of explanation on the slides as you present them. This view is so simple because it doesn’t involve other things. It would help if you showed your slides as they are.

How to share your presentation

After you’re done recording your presentation, you can see the preview of your recording in a video form. You can scan them to find whether the whole presentation is okay or not. If you find something is missing or you’re not satisfied with how it turns out, you can always re-record the presentation. PowerPoint’s new recording studio allows you to create a video; therefore, re-recording your presentation quickly won’t take too much of your time.

This new feature will make it easier to share your presentation video with others directly. This means that your recording already includes your video, voices, slides, and notes. All of this is captured and recorded as part of the presentation. You won’t need to go through complicated after the recording.

PowerPoint’s new recording studio allows you to do a simple edit on your slides. You can update your slide contents directly from the presentation. Let’s say you want to add texts on a slide or maybe adjust the layout of your slides. You have to edit them without needing to re-record the voice and video portion of your presentation. You will have the advantage by using the power of Designer in PowerPoint to update a properly polished-looking layout for your slides quickly. At last, when you’re done making any additional edits and feel confident about your recording, click Export in the new Record tab. It will direct you to a simplified flow to update the video.

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The new recording studio will help you a lot in delivering your presentation

So, the next time you’re planning on your PowerPoint presentation, you need to remember that this recording studio offers many features to help you present your ideas with ease. You can explore new views such as teleprompter, presenter, or slide view and choose which one works best with your presentation style. Hence, it will eventually lift some of the burdens you have during your presentation because you can go with the one you’re most comfortable with. You will also have plenty of chances to practice and edit them before showing your works or videos to an audience. 

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