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RRGraph Special Services, Compared to Our Competitors

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Ulfah Alifah
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Well, you are here visiting the RRGraph website, finally. It might be just another journey for you to find a good PowerPoint presentation agency. Oh, and while you are here, you might want to talk about the services that you can choose.

We offer many services that you can discover by yourself on our website. However, you might find some services are almost similar to other PowerPoint design agencies. We cannot deny that some of our services are almost similar to them.

But we can explain some extraordinary things that made our clients satisfied and keep using our services. Here are some comparisons between our services and our competitors’, so you can check why RRGraph special PowerPoint design agency.

One-click away from RRGraph special experience

RRGraph special because we don’t make you run in a circle when you want to do a project with us. With just one click on the front page of our website, you can go directly to the ‘start project’ page and choose what services you want from us.

From the page, you will also clearly understand the options of services we provide you. There are currently four services we offer there: Presentation design, Poster & Brochure design, E-Book design, and some little surprises with our Limited Free Services.

Does it mean that our service is more than PowerPoint-centered projects? Yes, even though we offer the best PowerPoint services starting from minor touchups, redesigning your slides, bringing your drafts and sketches to life, and many more.

While at our competitor’s page (in this case, we compare ourselves with 24slides), you will only find presentation-related services such as fix up, redesign, and redraw. Two other options, the ‘let us decide’ and ‘other,’ are put in TBD and appear like not in the main list of services.

While the number of steps you need to take if you want to start a project with us is shorter, we would guide you with only two other actions after choosing a category of project you want to work on: project description and project submission.

While on our competitor’s web, you might have to do twice the amount of clicks to get to the project submission. Why spend double the effort if you can get at least better results? This is just the first reason why RRGraph special services.

We can talk about various products

As we mentioned above, even our default ‘start a project’ page on our website contains a broader range of services that you can choose from. Compared to our competitors, you know by default that we already have the upper hands in many services.

But what we put on the website is not everything on the list of things that we would help you work on. There are many other services that we can provide you that we have not put on the list, such as creating infographics, designing your website, design illustration, etc.

To discover the complete list, you need to talk to us directly. We are more than happy to speak directly with you because we can fully understand what you need by now talking to you.

“But how can we reach your team?”

If you visit our website first, you might never ask that question. The reason is that at the very bottom of our website, you will be given the phone number you can contact directly via phone, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

That phone number is 24/7 open for consultation, and you can ask about anything to us. There is no need for form submission, account subscription, or other things. Just save the number, and chat with us from your phone. This is something that our competitors do not offer on their websites.

RRGraph special price

“Reaching you is too easy for such exquisite services you offer. Your price must be so high!”

Come on. At least explore more into our website before you can judge with such harsh judgment. Before saying that we must have a high price for our services, visit our competitors (such as 24slides) and check for their price.

You will find the average lowest cost for service is $9, which is the price you have to pay for each slide. Now, go to that ‘Services’ page, and the first thing you see will be a huge statement saying: “Create a presentation, pitch-deck, poster, flyer, and anything from $4.”

That’s less than half the price of other PowerPoint presentation design agencies, right? But wait, the price comparison goes further. The price gap gets even wider compared to one of our competitors with a point per point comparison.

For example, the price to tidy up your presentation slide is $12 in 24Slides. However, for the same service, we only demand $4! Now take a look at the price of presentation slides redesigning: our competitor put a $32 price tag, compared to our $6 per slide!

That’s it? No. the last service included in the offer page is redrawing presentation slides from raw sketches. We offer almost five times lower than our competitor’s suggested price for each slide! Can you still think that we are not the best choice in town?

Evaluate our freebies

Now let’s talk about something better than our already low price: our freebies. You know, we are almost like a charity business for providing a lot of free content you can easily use for your purposes without having to spend any money.

“I’m interested. All roads lead to Rome. There are many ways you can get access to our free content, and the first one is by going to our website and clicking on the ‘Start project’ button. How can I get access to those freebies?”

As you can see, from the four options available there, there is one “WE SERVE YOU AT NO COST” limited offer. You can submit your work by following the link, and later we will contact you further about this free little option.

Second, you can click on the “Get templates” button next to our “Start project” one on our website’s main page. Afterward, you will be directed to a heaven full of PowerPoint templates that you can download and use for your presentation.

There, you can harvest every single free template we uploaded just in case someone is in dire need of them. There are many free PowerPoint presentation templates, infographics, and even social media templates.

This feature is not available on our competitor’s website. So, make sure you explore our freebies pond thoroughly so that you won’t miss any RRGraph special products!

The office’s “Travelling Salesmen” reference

Are you an Office fan? In season 3, episode 13, you can watch an episode when Jim and Dwight are teaming up to make a sell. They didn’t use their product’s price, discounts, or special quality to get the sale. Instead, they use a unique way to seal the deal.

Dwight called their competitor’s office and was put on hold for the entire conversation with their potential client. When the potential client meant to deny their offers, he called the Dunder Mifflin office, and Kelly responded cheerfully.

It inspired our customer service team, and we adopted it into our agency’s culture because customer satisfaction is number one. We believe that two-way communication is always better in results, and information is exchanged better this way.

Well, if you still don’t believe our words in this post, try to compare it like how Dwight and Jim did in the episode. Our responsive customer service team will be more than happy to hear from you as soon as possible.

We can talk about anything, including any other The Office references, or maybe you want to create a paper company and want us to design everything about it? Just contact us, and you will find how we can help you.

These beautifully curated RRGraph special Blogposts!

…And the last but not least factor that makes RRGraph special is our beautifully curated blogposts! Yay! This feature is nowhere to be found on our competitor’s website, so we will not discuss it further.

By the way, if this is your first time, welcome to our blog. And if it has already been the 192,126th time you visit this blog, you might have known about the contents in our blog.

We provide tips and tricks on using PowerPoint here and a lot of new hacks you might not have heard about designing and creating incredible PowerPoint presentations. You will learn a lot of things from our blog.

We update the contents regularly, and every single post will help you create an even better PowerPoint presentation than the previous. You can even learn to create an impactful PowerPoint presentation from scratch only by reading the contents of our blog.

Many other qualities make us special, but it would be too many to put on the list. So, as you have gone this far, why don’t you explore it yourself?

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