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B2B Video Marketing Tips to Boost Sales in 2022

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
b2b video marketing tips

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B2B Video Marketing Tips to Boost Sales in 2022

B2B marketing is a two-sided coin. The first is for prospects ready to buy, and the other serves to warm and nurture cold prospects over time and move them closer to a buying decision: the sales-closing element and growing brand awareness. 

In the B2B realm, you’re not just targeting the end-user or even their boss. Your marketing has to share a message that resonates with executives and even shareholders. Every management level leader always has the same concerns: “Tell me why we need this” and “Tell me what we’ll get out of it.” 

They all like facts and figures before signing off on anything. You can rest assured that your efforts won’t be in vain. LinkedIn is expected to be 2022’s most popular platform for video marketing[1], which is every B2B brand’s first stop. And according to Hubspot, 87% of marketers reported that video ROI is overwhelmingly satisfying[2].

Now that you know your efforts will pay off let’s dive into these B2B video marketing tips to boost sales in 2022!

Before you get started

The B2B market is more complex than the B2C market. While you can still create engaging and entertaining content, your goals will be more focused on educational, practical, and value-driven content. 

1. Video marketing platforms

LinkedIn, Slideshare, and Vimeo would be the primary choices to host your B2B video content, with YouTube and Facebook as solid options, depending on your market. These platforms are replete with other entrepreneurial-minded and professional brands, so you’ll be in good video production company

2. Voice and tone considerations

The online scroller isn’t necessarily the one that will sign the check. But you want them to share your content with those that do. Your content should help them justify your product or service to management-level decision-makers. Focus on facts, statistics, and a clear path to benefits and rewards. 

3. Video marketing content strategy

There’s less room for trial and error with B2B video content. Your prospects will be less forgiving and less inclined to stick around after a flop. Professional, educational, and value-driven content will require a more comprehensive planning strategy but use storytelling to your advantage to keep it interesting. Client success case studies are a reliable way to tell brand stories while also selling your product or service.

It all boils down to the correct channel, the right tools, and a simple, practical approach to video marketing. If you try a variety of platforms, you’ll need to curate the format and supporting content like descriptions and hashtags to match each one. 

Optimize, enhance, repeat

Here, we’ll cover some of the most effective ways to optimize and enhance your content for a few different platforms. 

1. LinkedIn: 2022’s most popular platform for B2B video marketing

Marketing videos on LinkedIn fall into two categories: native videos and video ads. Native videos are created on the forum, and ads are sponsored to appear directly in user feeds. Native videos tend to capture more attention. 

Content should be short and eye-catching while directing the viewer to contact your brand more directly. LinkedIn content should focus on tips and hacks, helpful techniques, quick-win scenarios, personal stories that relate to your company’s product or mission, resource guides or lists, and anything that offers value to your target customer. 

Successful video marketing on LinkedIn will feature a captivating headline, compelling thumbnail graphics, a simple but effective call to action, and text overlays that enhance your video. 

2. Optimize for YouTube, the search engine

You can’t think of YouTube only as a video platform for influencers and failed videos. It’s the second largest search engine online, right behind Google itself.[3] 

Search engines require strategically placed and phrased data before they will serve it up on the results page. Like you would SEO optimize a blog article, you want to do the same for your YouTube videos. Target a specific keyword for each video or series and sprinkle it throughout the description, title, thumbnail graphics, and metadata. 

You can pay for fancy keyword tools. Eventually, you should, or you can try typing your chosen topic into the search bar on Google and YouTube and comparing the autocomplete suggestions. Or check out your competition. What keywords are they using? 

3. Facebook best practices

Not to be ignored in the video marketing world, Facebook is also trying to keep up. One way to optimize video for Meta’s Facebook is to ensure you have a mobile-friendly format. Film videos in portrait mode, if possible. 

Second, keep it short. Videos and ads that are 30 seconds or less get the highest levels of engagement. However, your content should be longer with a value-driven B2B campaign. Or you can release smaller segments as part of a more extraordinary series and build up suspense for upcoming installments. 

Thirdly, use similar optimization as YouTube, using targeted phrasing and naming your intended market. 

4. If you venture onto Instagram

Depending on your B2B market, Instagram may or may not be on your radar. Because it’s a more hip and casual platform, it may be a great place to establish your presence but may not be where you sink your marketing investment. 

Video content on Instagram can be shared via Stories, feed videos, or IGTV, and the increasingly popular TikTok rival, Instagram Reels. An intentional hashtag strategy is paramount for Instagram. Do your research and find relevant hashtags that fit your brand and campaign strategy. 

Best practices of B2B video marketing tips to boost your sales in 2022

All video marketing content should be optimized for searchability, accessibility, and targeting. Here are a few ways you can do that with your next video or ad. 

1. Always use subtitles and transcripts

By using subtitles and transcripts, you not only make your content accessible to those who need visual information rather than audible, but you can overcome the mute button obstacle. If you’re like me, the volume is usually down or muted when scrolling social media. And you can bet that B2B brands aren’t blaring their feed from their laptop or phone. 

Transcripts are also helpful if videos are uploaded to your website or even YouTube. This information gives search engines like Google plenty of information to scan to understand your content. This helps them provide more accurate search results. 

2. Research the best video length for each platform

When creating video marketing content, always keep your audience and your chosen platform at the top of your list. The size of every video you make should depend upon where you plan to upload it. 

YouTube and Vimeo can stomach longer video content, whereas Facebook and Instagram content should be 15 and 60 seconds, some as long as two minutes for marketing and video ads. LinkedIn and Twitter prefer microcontent in 30 seconds or less.

3. Choose talent that’s engaging and lively

A good speaker or presenter will connect with your audience and provide a mirror for your ideal client to see themselves. They should be able to reflect your brand voice accurately. They don’t have to be the face of the company, but rather someone your target customer can relate to. 

4. Let’s talk about equipment

If you plan to hire the production out, you’ll need to bring the ideas! Depending on your budget and size, you may be looking at in-house video creation. If that’s the case, take stock of the equipment you already have or may need to add to your list.

Recommended Equipment For In-House Production:

• Recording equipment, SLR camera, or a good iPhone will work

• Noise-reducing microphone

• Ring lights for close up or studio lights for space lighting

• Teleprompter app

• Video subtitle app

• Video editing software

B2B corporate video productions can be a balance of simple footage and high production value.  

Don’t completely discount the “come along with me” style of selfie footage, especially for behind-the-scenes videos. Always leave some room for changes or events that require a pivot to something new. 

5. Highlight your most robust content

Create a library on your website for all of your best video content. Make it easily visible and accessible from home, launch, and landing pages. Or include content that speaks to your customer at all stages of the sales funnel, depending on their website page.

B2B video marketing tips for content ideas

Whether you’re creating an evergreen video or releasing an episodic series, it’s okay to get creative with B2B content. Bland, boring, textbook-style promos aren’t going to cut through the noise online or create a connection with your audience. 

Focus on how you can inspire viewers. What will connect the dots for them and show 

• Introduce your brand and yourself with demo videos

• Solve a common problem (tutorial, step-by-step)

• Interview other industry names

• Client testimonial videos

• Host a webinar

• Leverage social media influencers (unboxing, application, use)

• Share your brand story, or feature an employee or client

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Use these B2B video marketing tips to boost sales in 2022

Plan your content, create engaging and inspiring videos, and connect with your customers. This is how you’ll increase sales video marking in 2022!

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b2b video marketing tipsTorrey Tayenaka is the co-founder and CEO of Sparkhouse, a training video production agency. Sparkhouse is known for transforming video marketing and advertising into honest conversations. Rather than hitting the consumer over the head with blatant ads, Sparkhouse creates interesting, entertaining, and valuable videos that enrich the lives of its client’s customers. In addition to Sparkhouse, Torrey has also founded the companies Eva Smart Shower, Litehouse & Forge54. He is often asked to contribute expertise in publications like Entrepreneur, Single Grain, and Forbes.

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