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Best Background for PowerPoint Presentation Design Ideas

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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When creating a background for PowerPoint presentation design to present your pitch to an audience, there will be some elements that you want to focus on for a great experience. Your PowerPoint presentation design backgrounds are the answer.

Your best background for PowerPoint presentation design ideas lets you showcase your story in visuals. Whether you choose snapshotting, graphic design elements, and so on, your imagery is vital to highlight your main point.

Boosting your audience to reflect on your point is vital to a good presentation. While your overall content and slide design matter, you need high-quality photographs to demonstrate your topic to your audience.

Additionally, people are fast visual learners. They want to recognize what you’re talking about. So we’ve put together a list of over 100 best backgrounds for PowerPoint presentation design that will enhance even the dullest slideshows.

1. Business PowerPoint presentations 

You’ll need to do many presentation types in business, even your job like a sales presentation, a marketing presentation, a pitch to an investor, a presentation for a conference, and more.

Indeed, you don’t want your audience to get a little sick due to a lack of design visuals. So, your best background for PowerPoint presentation ideas is the perfect way to keep your audience interested in what you’re talking about.

Still, we don’t mean you want these background references to take up your entire slide and nothing else. It would help if you worked it into your slide in a way that boosts your content. Add these presentation images as a background to your slide.

Place an image on one side of your slide and your content on the other slide. Add an image into your presentation as an accent.

There are many different ways to include imagery in your business presentation. And to help you find the perfect images to include in your background, we’ve created a huge list of presentation backgrounds that you can find right in rrslide and quickly drop right into your slides.

2. Architecture PowerPoint presentations 

Are you an architect? Do you like sketching new constructions and managing their building? If you need to perform a project design related to the architecture industry, let us help you with our best background for PowerPoint presentation design.

Speaking about outlines of this quality requires correctness and sincerity. The color schemes for this presentation combine white, silvery, and orange, but it’s the pictures that make everything look so acknowledged. Some backgrounds contain many geometric shapes, expressing the idea of precision. 

Even the typography has a geometrical design, offering the coherence of the template. Spread the data in the layouts and set ahead of your ideas as a true expert.

3. Education PowerPoint presentations

Whether you’re placing a report for school collectively or presenting the greatness of learning, the best background for PowerPoint presentation design to accompany your words is necessary.

Showcase children by sitting at their desks and engage them to learn. Also, you can share pictures of kids at play during break. Lastly, visualize what it means for learners to make friends in class. 

There are various ways to show off knowledge in stock photos through your presentation background, and we’re here to help. You can use imagery as the background of a slide or create an accent or emphasis on your slide content.

But one thing is for sure: you need to describe your words with graphics and photography visually. You can browse into the rrslide that helps a lot to gain some resources.

4. Event PowerPoint presentations

There’s a never-ending list of celebrations, so the list of holiday stock photos needs to be just as great! If you’re referencing holidays in your presentation or putting together a report that includes a single holiday extensively, we’ve got your images included.

Find any of the best background for PowerPoint presentation, especially for holiday presentation images in rrslide. Whether it’s winter holidays like Christmas or Hannukah or summer holidays like Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo, you’ll find the perfect background in our template resources.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you always want to have a few good photos to interpret what you’re telling visually. Do a quick exploration of holiday presentation background only on rrslide.

5. Fashion PowerPoint presentations

Using a fashion PowerPoint template frees your time. It allows you to have a professional-looking presentation about fashion and style without a lot of hard work.

Best background for PowerPoint presentation ideas is the best way to present information to your audience, especially for the fashion business. You can add photos, videos, and essential information. This enables people to recognize what you’re talking about visually. 

Using a fashion background presentation will let you present your fashion presentation ideas and show off your taste of style at the same time. Each Fashion background template comes in different types and formats. Adjust the presentation to fit your presentation style.

6. Food PowerPoint presentations

Make your food company stand out with our best background for PowerPoint presentation ideas. These modern designs have a clean composition with gorgeous food photos. But you can constantly adjust the color and pictures to amuse any other topic.

Additionally, you’ll find icons and other graphic elements involved that you can use to convince your target audience. Choose this theme to give your restaurant and menu, a diet and nutrition plan, or a food marketing campaign for the culinary or beverage industry. Bon appetit!

7. Health PowerPoint presentations

Our designers have made these best background PowerPoint presentation ideas like healthcare, doctors, and medical professionals. You can use it at conferences, hospitals, businesses, or universities.

In this article, we also feature a curated selection of new medical PowerPoint templates for 2021. They include the best healthcare PPT slide designs from rrslide, Envato Elements, and GraphicRiver. 

8. Multipurpose PowerPoint presentations

When selling your business, you need to sell through your presentations. Plus, if you’re selling your market at a networking event, fair trade center, or conference, your presentation’s visuals matter.

They also matter in a sales pitch, or even just in a marketing presentation or report with your organization. Keep your team, and your supervisors engaged using a combination of data visualization tools and beautiful images.

Explore rrslide to find multipurpose background PowerPoint that represents your target audience, particularly for buyer personas. You can even find images with analytics and data to visualize the statistics you’re running to convey. Let’s browse our best background for PowerPoint presentation ideas with multipurpose needs in any business aspect.

9. Nature PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

Are you looking for some stunning photography to use in your next nature presentation?

When you’re starting a presentation for your ecologically nonprofit or sharing a nature-focused movement, you can use photographs to argue your main point to your audience.

There’s no lack of beautiful imagery of the earth, and your presentation should show off everything about this planet.

Are you fighting global warming? Trying to save threatened species? Working against throwing garbage and pollution? Share photos of how the earth and wildlife are expected to look.

To help you with that, we put together a complete list of the best background for a PowerPoint presentation of the nature images we have right in our marketplace. Dive right into our marketplace to create a beautifully captivating presentation.

10. Portfolio PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

The primary goal of a portfolio itself is to show off your skills and expertise. Typically, it’s done by showing examples of your craft. But, when it comes to portfolio presentations, you need to think about the visual of the slideshow as well.

Your portfolio presentations’ layout plays a crucial role in making a great first impression. Indeed, you don’t have to spend days trying to produce an excellent slide design. That’s what the best background for PowerPoint presentation templates is for!

We have selected a collection of PowerPoint portfolio templates to help you find an excellent design for your presentation. There are many types of portfolio presentations, from creative agency portfolios to fashion retails and more.

Have a look! There are a few photography templates on our marketplace. You can see them right away.

11. Service PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

E-commerce has grown dramatically during quarantine. We can say that it has been around 50% to 80%. That’s so remarkable.

We have made this E-commerce and logistics PowerPoint Template to help people who want to explain how the logistics and delivery of its products are in its warehouse after the purchase. 

We use pictures, which represent step by step the logistics of shipping products. As with all of our best background for PowerPoint presentation templates, all of them are editable. You can adjust colors as you want.

12. Sports PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

With our best background for PowerPoint presentation ideas, you don’t need to seek the internet for a football PowerPoint template. Many of them are multi-purpose. Use them to make any professional sports PowerPoint presentation or create an informal football PowerPoint presentation or a general sports PowerPoint template.

These PowerPoint sports backgrounds come with many features that make it easy to create impressive, professional, and high-quality presentations. It’s easy when you use professional sports templates from rrslide, Envato Elements, and GraphicRiver. 

13. Technology PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

Do you want to deliver a presentation about technology or science? If you are high-tech savvy, you will wish to high-tech PowerPoint templates to offer your project. 

Here’s a curated selection of great science and technology PowerPoint backgrounds from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. The templates are editable to stand out in your presentation about technology with all the current technology trends. 

14. Transportation PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

Display your public transportation in your next presentation. These best background for PowerPoint presentation images can present an idea to promote your transportation services with your customers.

We have plenty of images of public transportation around the world. You can find the perfect stock photos to represent your promotion within our transportation templates.

Your presentation will hold that much more emotion and power if it includes visual representations of the exact transport you’re talking about.

Check out our transportation presentation image options below to start your search for the perfect photos for your slideshow.

15. Travel PowerPoint presentations

best background for powerpoint presentation

The last section of our best background for PowerPoint presentation images for your slideshow is covered with travel presentations. If you’re a travel agent making a pitch, you need some stellar travel photos to showcase.

Sharing images worldwide is an excellent reason to get people on your side, hearing what you can teach them. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of vacationing and traveling the world?

Find the perfect travel photos to jump into your presentation slides with our travel presentation template. With thousands of photos to choose from, you’re sure to find some beautiful travel presentation images that are perfect for your message.

Check out our marketplace to find a few that will fit perfectly in your next travel presentation template.

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Create your presentation!

Ready to take charge of your next presentation? All you need are the correct presentation images to engage your audience and help to illustrate your point.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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