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Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing: Here is How to Do It to Improve ROI

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When combining traditional and digital marketing, which method works best for you? Today, many businesses go for digital methods while ignoring the traditional ones. There is this notion that traditional methods are dead and only focus on a small group of people. However, how you do it determines the results you get. Combining digital and traditional methods for better ROI can be a good idea. For example, you can create a link on social media leading to your page and then use a traditional method to entice your target audience to click on it. There are ways you can combine both methods to yield more returns while reaching a large audience. Here is how to do it.

Use similar content in both strategies

A good way of expanding your reach is using the same content on both strategies. So, instead of changing what you do on digital when advertising traditionally, try giving the same content. For example, if you are advertising how to use a product in a commercial, you can elaborate the same content in a link that viewers or readers can visit to learn more. Remember, it is the same content on different platforms.

Advertise your digital platforms through traditional methods

You may be used to using your website to teach people about your business and how they can improve theirs through technology. However, you can also include traditional methods to advertise your digital platforms. One way is by handing out business cards and asking people to check out your website. You can also include hashtags in your promotions on TV that people can look up. You can use traditional methods to advertise your digital networks in different ways.

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Include cold calling

Cold calling is another effective way of combining digital and traditional marketing. It involves calling customers you have not interacted with before and asking them to buy from you. However, calling random numbers is not the way to go. You can consider outsourcing to saleshive.com, where the company analyzes data to make calls to people whose need is known. This way, it will be effective, and there is a higher chance of selling to your clients.

Use geo-targeting for billboards

You can also combine billboards with geo-targeting for a wider reach and improved ROI. How does it happen? Before setting up a billboard, use customer data to determine where most of your customers are. Look at the products they have been looking for and their preferences. That way, you will know how to create the billboard and where to place it. Geo-targeting with help you know where most of your customers frequent so you can place your advertisement.

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Mix both types

Try mixing both types of marketing to meet your marketing goals. For example, you can use podcasts on the radio and have them on your YouTube channel or another platform that people can use to stream. You can also incorporate QR codes that people can scan to access your digital channels. Therefore, instead of asking them to write down or memorize the URL, a QR code can be an easy way of helping them get there.

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Key takeaway

It is possible to combine traditional and digital marketing for the best results. However, you need the best strategies from both to make it work. Understanding your prospects and where to find them will help you choose the best marketing plans.

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