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How We Create Vectory Infographic Asset | Behind the Process

How We Create Vectory Infographic Asset | Behind the Process

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“Our mission is to create a template with drool-worthy slides quantity that can be fully customized, so it will be our users lifetime digital asset.”

Nowadays, we can easily find tons of fascinating presentation templates. That is a good thing for sure, and yet on the other hand, we ought to shift our focus not just to get fascinating-looking slides, but to look for products that can elevate our experience within it. Here comes this ambitious project we call Vectory, and is discovered for accompanying every stage of business development with holistic brand touchpoints, from embarking on a new project, building recognition among competitors, and finishing it with improved goal proposition.

infographic asset
Bayu, Yoga, and Galang are the core team of this big project.

Those three are our architects on this project, with Yoga as its blueprint maker. They have a robust track record in this field for more than four years, it could therefore be an online design marketplace has been their own playground. Taking that on board, they have a really deep understanding of the products they distribute in spite of its function and aesthetics.

Brainstorm, exploration, and design thinking

The project was started in February 2020 and took approximately two weeks of preparation. That includes framework building, visual, and market research. Vectory making process, more or less, was adapting Signature which was successful as a top-grossing template with hundreds of selling. Off this thing, our team acquire the envisioned picture of the market condition, product’s weaknesses, and so its improvisation. The whole procedure, therefore, takes a longer time. During that very process, Yoga set the clear-cut in a way of building the same mindset towards the team:

“Vectory is an infographic asset, not a typical template which gives emphasize on its branding or layout concept.”

infographic asset
A complete set data-driven presentation template with a clean and minimalistic outlook.

Let’s begin with the meaning behind the name Vectory. Perhaps, you will translate it as ‘victory’ in a noun form that means triumph over an enemy in battle, or success in a struggle against difficulties. Later we figured out that Vectory has the same pronunciation as the word ‘factory’, quite a twisting homophone, isn’t it? What it means by factory here is a place where vector elements are produced. For instances: icons, diagrams, tables, etc.

In terms of visual look, our team sticks with the minimalistic concept which has a little graphic-based approach. The base colors are azure blue combined with clean whitespaces, and this template applies basic Arial font for a professional ambiance. The further exploration relies a bit more on iconography and animations to uplift futuristic touches. In this way, Vectory is more than just a toolkit to create infographics with no design-skill. It allows us to convey the complex mind-map or any other broad concept, while we can effortlessly think about the layout, alignment, hierarchy, colors, and even typography selection. Because our team acknowledges that clean data and clear messages in the presentation are indispensable.

Product features and workability

Life is too short to build something nobody wants. Hence before launching it, our team attempts to figure out customer’s preferences or individual segments who may buy this product. Along the way, it is established three main attributes that shape Vectory:

1. Affordable for individuals and small-sized businesses.

2. Customizable analytic tools as its unique selling proposition.

3. Sustainable and can be used from time to time.

These correspondingly become the basis of Vectory features, which is smoothly designed with excellent focus to make its 1400+ slides easy to digest and is not letting our audiences overwhelmed with an excess visual stimulation. Our team sets one’s sight on one major point from each slide to avoid the common presentation design mistakes: complicated charts and inappropriate heavy texts. This is exactly why our team determines to craft Vectory with organized subcategories, high fidelity diagrams, and a clever text box to insert words with adequate length.

infographic asset

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The Verdict

Customizability manifests itself in this presentation asset through night-mode version, drag and drops image placeholders, 30 extra color schemes, and lots of device mocks-up. Why does this matter? Well, it is very tempting to expect about creating a personal bond with our users, especially when Vectory can sync whatsoever their brand, storyline, and personas. Whereas in marketplaces, there are so many sellers who created dummy features, and their products just lean on slides quantity. So this product uniquely acts as a deck that our users create it their own.

Among all those excellent features, we dare to say that $10 is indeed a worthy investment for it. That means that Vectory asset is not only for marketers, business analysts, leaders, and other employees. It is for anyone who seeks solutions to showcase a powerful and effective presentation, one that is data-driven to highlight new alternatives for businesses and society.

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