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Read This If You Are Seeking for New Career

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Guest Writer

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Seeking for a new career right away? Do you think you are in the right company? Many new workers take a job just because it is related to what they studied in college. This idea is essential to gain experience in your resume, but this job does not necessarily have to be the best. Many workers thinks about making a career change.  According to Careerfoundry.com, tt’s estimated that the average person will change careers between five and seven times over the course of their working life. Research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average worker holds upwards of 10 different jobs before the age of 50, and this number is set to rise even further in upcoming decades.

Beside that, many believe that being in a company related to your expertise is the best way to work. However, many signs determine if your job is not suitable for you. There are many negative consequences of being in a bad company; for that reason, we have created this article for you if you are seeking for a new career. Discover four critical reasons why you may be in the wrong place.

1. No time for you

You should avoid falling into the wrong idea that a job is an investment for you. This is especially true when you spend more time in the office than at home, doing the things you love. Salary can be a strong motivator. It is a fundamental tool to create personal projects, but what happens when you have no rest? Overwork can be harmful to your stability.

A study by The Balance Careers said that, on average, Americans work 34.4 hours per week. Also, people in the United States are the ones who do the most overtime. That idea isn’t bad in and of itself, but when a company forces you to stick to strict hours, you’re putting your health and well-being at risk. If this is the case for you, maybe it’s time to look for new alternatives.

2. The salary is not enough

Working to gain experience is essential for professional growth. But what happens when the salary is not enough? Should you continue in your career just because you “studied for it”? The answer is no! Passion is essential, this much is true, but it needs to be monetarily compensated as well. You may think this message is superficial, but money is an elementary part of all good work.

According to CNBC, almost half of employees are looking for a new job or plan to soon, according to a survey, suggesting the pandemic-era phenomenon known as the Great Resignation is continuing into 2022. To that point, 44% of employees are “job seekers,” according to Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey. Of them, 33% are active job hunters who looked for new work in the fourth quarter of 2021, and 11% planned to look in the first quarter of 2022. “The data shows employees are prepared and open to go somewhere else,” according to Tracey Malcolm, global leader of the future of work and risk at the consulting firm.The survey polled 9,658 U.S. employees from large and midsize private employers across a broad range of industries in December 2021 and January 2022.

How can I know if my company is not paying me enough? It is straightforward: the Internet allows you to find the answer quickly. Before seeking for new career, you must consider two essential things: your desires and abilities. Next, consider how much a professional earns in the area you are considering. You will be able to find the minimum, maximum, and average salary of an expert in your city on Google. You can also research how likely you are to find a job after obtaining your degree.

3. There are no clear objectives

Not enough competition is not just a problem for the company; it is terrible for the workers too. Being in a place that doesn’t have large goals can stunt your professional growth. During your student days, you have many dreams and challenges you want to take on in the labor market. However, if your company does not have an ambitious work plan, you should start looking for a new project or seeking for a new career.

It is not wrong to leave a company without big goals. This action is essential for you, and if you get a better job in the future, you will be grateful for life. The longer you work in a mediocre company, the longer your knowledge will decline.

4. The work environment is toxic

“The problems of my colleagues do not affect me,” that is what you think, and you are wrong. When the work environment is toxic, your performance also loses value. Few people know how serious it is to have wrong colleagues and bad bosses at work. A poisonous environment includes aloof relationships, theft of belongings, physical and verbal abuse, the boycott of your tasks, labor exploitation, threats, fights, and much more.

An office or company can become an absolute hell, believe it or not. These work environments are much more common in countries like the United States. A study cited in Harvard Business Review says that 41.4 percent of American workers reported being exposed to psychological assault in the workplace. It is unhealthy to tolerate these attitudes at work and elsewhere. If it’s not clear yet, these are signs that you should leave your current job as quickly as possible.

5. Need a new challenge

There’s a possibility that after several years have passed, you’ve become bored with your job, company, and colleagues. If you’re the kind of person who needs to challenge themselves and try new things, a career change could be right for you. In our working life, venturing out of our comfort zone can sometimes be exactly what we need to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Start a new career path that encourages you to gain new skills and knowledge if you’re feeling a little too comfortable.

6.Your values have changed

A job is much like a relationship; sometimes it just evolves in different directions. It is possible that you are no longer passionate about your company’s mission. The idea that people change over the course of their lifetimes isn’t radical, and what you like at 22 might not appeal to you at 40. There may have been a spiritual awakening in your life, and you are longing to work in a more relaxed environment. Alternatively, you may not have regarded financial security as a priority when you were young, but now prefer stability from your current job as a freelancer. A career change might be necessary due to these changing values, concerns, and priorities.

7. Want to focus on other things

In some cases, our jobs don’t allow us enough time to spend on other aspects of our lives. Maybe you wish you had more time to devote to your family or to a hobby you love. Perhaps you wish to travel more and see more of the world. Consider a career that allows you to work flexibly or for yourself if this is the case. In addition, more and more Europeans are now choosing to work part-time as their primary job, so depending on your situation, you may be able to work fewer hours. There’s more to life than work, and sometimes we need careers that allow us to acknowledge that. 

8. Passion lies elsewhere

Think back to your adolescent years. Having a long-term dream or following your passion is nothing to be ashamed of. Career decisions are often pressured to be practical or realistic, but ultimately, it is up to you to decide what job is right for you. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to research a new career or gain visibility online. For example, a career in journalism may seem competitive and difficult, but now you have the opportunity to start a blog from your own home! You need to prepare well and take advantage of all the modern resources available to you. It’s quite possible to make a career out of doing what you love.

9. You’re not happy

Job satisfaction is the second most important predictor of overall life satisfaction. Imagine!! If you are not happy in your job, it definitely seeps into your personal life. If you’re not happy, perhaps a career change will give you something new to focus your energies on. Remember, there are some things in your job that can make you’re not happy like pressure, long hours, your coworkers or a boring job. If you are not happy in your work environment, then it affects you personally.

10. Company location close to home

 We can’t deny, someone is looking for a new career to want a job closer to home. This reason is purely logical and will be respected for some workers especially women workers. The reason for this is practical and efficient – you don’t waste too much time. So many people want to seek a new career.


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If you are a young worker, you may be afraid of abandoning your current career path. However, you cannot allow the company’s poor conditions to affect your performance and your health. There are many alternatives for you if you are seeking a new career, and you can try online work, online companies, or look for opportunities in another city. You will be happy you acted promptly.

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Artur Meyster writes this article. He is the founder of Career Karma, and he also starts the Breaking Into Startups Podcast to feature inspiring stories of people who broke into tech from non-traditional backgrounds.

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