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Working for a PowerPoint Design Agency, 8 Valuable Things I Learned

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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“How do you feel about working for a PowerPoint design agency?”

I have worked as a freelance content writer for a PowerPoint design agency for a month, and so far it has been challenging yet exciting at the same time. This excitement occurs since I always wanted to work with words, moreover, I also have an English Bachelor’s background. Not just that, I personally do love something that is relevant to design graphics, public relations, and marketing which help me to fit in with the working circumstance. I have gained such interests on those soft skills mainly through volunteering during my college years and eventually paved my career path.

This write-up isn’t about how to be a successful designer or whatsoever positions provided in so-and-so steps, but more like stories of my role as a content writer. So, take it as you will, you may agree or disagree below are 8 valuable things I learned when I am working for a PowerPoint design agency:

1. Friendly mentors

Working for a PowerPoint Design Agency

The valuable advice I get here is such a practically every professional advice book ever written for a good purpose. It is about a mentor. Find mentors who drive you warmly, it would create a new perspective for you to jump into a better chance. I believed I could write, but finding mentors who always support and want me to be better is more empowering than any “good job” or “way to go.” So my advice is, make sure that you are supervised by a potential mentor. And once you find that one mentor, be open to them when they come to you.

2. No worries to ask for help, we are team

Working for a PowerPoint Design Agency

Do not assume that asking for help tends to stir up miscommunication and waste your time. If you get some problems, better to get clarification. It saves you from the trouble of spending hours doing pointless things. It is better, to be honest about what you do and don’t understand.

3. Learn anything become everything

Working for a PowerPoint Design Agency

The more you get references, the better-rounded your skill will be. After all, inspiration can come from anywhere. Look for the knowledge you have never known before. Do anything and everything you can do to know. Experience new things and practice whenever possible. Doing your work with real experience and genuine feeling will always vibrate the thoughtful energy of gaining knowledge.

4. Supportive team-work, healthful soul

Working for a PowerPoint Design Agency

Finding a comfortable workplace with people who support each other is a holy grail. Teamwork is very important rather than being individualistic, it makes the workload’s burden be reduced and we can reach our target easily. Plus, with a good environment, we will easily develop and have a healthy soul. So once you dive into a positive environment, keep it up! Be nice and get along with people around you. Good vibes are the key to creating the best work.

5. Product descriptions are hard

Working for a PowerPoint Design Agency

For the fresh-fish in the writing field, I find it pretty difficult to describe products. The problem is “Are the product’s description well-delivered enough for the clients? Is it readable or not? Not surprisingly, I have learned that I do my best when I can hold on to write for a blog. It is more than responsibility, but how you feel, whether your heart is here or not. Learning to move and bend with the people is the key to make you enjoy doing your responsibilities.

6. LinkedIn isn’t rubbish

At some point in the past, I set up a LinkedIn profile. I have nothing to do on it and so clueless. When I asked a few friends from the same agency, I spent a couple of hours finding and learning some beneficial knowledge they shared. Not only about graphic design, but also digital marketing, content writing, and a lot of things. Besides, you can switch knowledge with all connections you have on this platform. Nothing more impactful when you find wonderful people in your timeline.

7. Ideas are expensive things

Ideas, which are shown by creative problem solving are the most respected value in design agencies. Each of us sees creativity as innate, and we must train it to be stronger, just like muscles. This industry also demands intellectual curiosity that pushes me to be interested in anything and ready to face possible obstacles. It is because curiosity drives innovation. The more open you are to learn new things, admit difficulties, and commit to understanding more about how-the-way-things-work, the more values you can give to establish outstanding products to your agency.

8. Increase self-disciplined than I thought

Despite the temptation to do extracurricular activities such as play guitar and watch crap on YouTube, I have found myself becoming more creatively stimulated. For example, I have also sat and written for blog content. The good thing is that I find the very art of writing and have a sense of creating design seamlessly.

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Reflective thoughts

After a while, assuming we have done weekly tasks, we can relax for a bit and get ready to do the next step. Overall, that is how I sum up my experience working for a PowerPoint design agency. Hopefully, these 8 lessons that helped me in my career will also be impactful for those who are just starting out in their journey in a PowerPoint design agency.

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