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2021 Color Trends: Be Fancy with Classic Blue with 5 Blends

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
2021 Color Trends: Be Fancy with Classic Blue with 5 Blends

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We are now predicting 2021 color trends. Reflecting on Pantone, classic blue 19-4052 probably will continue to define the style through this decade. That is why we are optimistic that classic blue is still going to be dominant next year, but with some combinations with a slightly vibrant touch.

Classic blue is an everlasting hue. Aside from its simplicity, it reminds us of staunch things, such as sky-blue, well-suited blue, and peaceful ocean. Blue is also known as a restful color since it requires trust and faith. It expresses your consistency and confidence.

In this article, we will show you how versatile this classic blue can be when mixed with the five shades chosen.

Blue and purple are the first 2021 color matches. Mixing this couple is sophistically alluring. Classic blue gives purple a certain solemnity and purple keeps blue from being too boring and dour. This dynamic duo creates an eclectic vibe such an ideal couple that brings out the best in each other.

2021 Color Trends: Be Fancy with Classic Blue
Those color accents are helpful for creating energetic pitch decks and of course, can mesmerize audiences.

Allying these colors is ideal for young ages, particularly to show enthusiasm and a critical stance in their design.

How to apply it in your presentation?

This purple, pink, and classic blue colored presentation template will catch your audience’s attention with its color combination. The best part of this is that you can edit all gathered information over the template. See the template here.

With this template, your performance will look like a pro without having so much time to design. If you are looking for good content, design, and visuals, then this is the perfect template for you to get. Get this stunning template here.

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The second 2021 color trends combination is classic blue and carmine. We can simply say blue and red. Red has the power to arouse your heart and respiration rate, it can excite a soul.

2021 Color Trends: Be Fancy with Classic Blue
On the other hand, blue can release chemicals that steadies the heart and respiration rate.

Red is excitement. Blue is calm. When they come together, they gain harmony, balance, and equanimity. Add these two colors together to create an affinity for your product based on trust and confidence. It can encourage one’s desire to buy your product.

How to apply it in your presentation?

Droneva helps you stand out and perfect your performance. This template suits businesses, corporate, or any. Click here to purchase the item.

By using that template, you can add images and present your data using infographics. You can stand out and wowee your audiences with classic blue and carmine. Get this template for free here.

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The next 2021 color trends are grayish-blue colors. Blue is a versatile color, and when mixed with grey, it will create cool tones in color schemes.  This deep blue accent over the light grey creates a cocooning, relaxing, and modern feel in this design.

2021 Color Trends: Be Fancy with Classic Blue
This couple mixes beautifully with pale greys to show a gentle.

Many brands use deep blue and grey to bring customers’ loyalty. Without a doubt, these colors are great for financial pitch decks or anything that is related to white-collar business.

How to apply it in your presentation?

This template is designed to impress audiences when you hook investors, and colleagues, and make a sales pitch to your target clients. Get this insightful template here.

Do you want to present data using infographics? Azure can help you understand data by showing some visuals rather than having to read and hear about it. Catch this wondrous template now.

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Want to get a modern and sleek look that comforts you? Then this classic blue and brown color combination can make it happen.

This palette is made for each other in blue and harmonizes perfectly with warm browns.

When mixed with a rich and warm color like brown, it vibrates a cozy, moody, and luxurious nuance. No wonder with this color palette, any fashion, restaurant, and residence pitch-decks will be more elegant.

How to apply it in your presentation?

Get this high-end presentation template fully customizable and ready to design. No need to worry again about making outstanding presentations for audiences. Let’s discover many previews here.

The most vital thing when we’re working in a design agency is to reduce time in the way you deliver it. In doing that, Vincent template is a luxury made for you that makes information easier to grasp, gives credibility, and keeps audiences immersed. Grab your luxury one here.

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The last 2021 color combination is classic blue with a reddish color. Royal blue has always worked perfectly with light pink.

Deep blue gives pink to make it young, passionate and light-hearted while pink keeps blue from being too stiff and dour.

Both are great to formulate eye-catching, stunning, and unforgettable looks. If you use these colors, you are definitely passionate about creative projects.

How to apply it in your presentation?

This template is fit for all kinds of youth’s extracurricular agendas, such as graduation, students, college, and gathering parties. Look at this eye-catching template here.

Muzella is a cheerful and modern artistic presentation template. If you want to find a high-end design, this is your best choice. Enjoy all elements which are fully editable. Download here right now.

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Finishing touch

As time flies, deep blue color has entranced us seeing that any color is too flawless combined with blue. And remember, the most important thing is how we use our senses to match it. Mixing two or more colors must be fitted to the product and style you want to sell to customers.

Indeed, each color has its own mood. Find your suitable color schemes by using tools for easiness. To end this, we are still looking forward to knowing your impression of what these colors might be worth for us.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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