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So, You Hire PowerPoint Expert for Presentation Design Only?

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
hire powerpoint expert for presentation design

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You hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design, let them create your slides, and wave them goodbye afterward. Our question is, just it?

Okay, so you know that some people can create sophisticated PowerPoint presentation slides and are called PowerPoint experts. You also know that they are frequently hired by big players and big companies for their services.

It seems like you have known it all, but there is one thing that you might not have known and will never know if we don’t inform you about it. When you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design only, it is like you buy a whole pizza and only eat a slice of it.

So, what can you do when you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design? Let us tell you some secrets buried in the depth of the Mariana trench for millenniums and show you some awakening facts about your PowerPoint experts.

Save your gratitude. We do it for you because we are the best choice to become your partner.

Ask them to help you design the graphic when you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design

Most of the time, a perfectly astounding PowerPoint design includes a well-designed background or illustrations. Most of the time, you would also want to apply that beautiful background or illustrations into your presentation.

But if you don’t currently own any graphic to be included in your slides, where would you get some? Hiring an artist to create that kind of illustration can cost you a lot, let alone when you want to get a different design for each different slide.

If you want to get that feature, why don’t you ask your PowerPoint expert to design those illustrations for you? “Wait, they can?” Of course, they can do that. PowerPoint experts you hire would likely deal with designing other clients’ graphics every day.

There are only three possible sources to those astounding graphics you found in other people’s PowerPoint presentations. First is, they hire real artists and pay tons of money to get the rights to use those graphics.

The second is, of course, the thing we are talking about in this chapter. Third, they found those graphics on the internet, and it can mean three further things: whether they use non-copyrighted graphics, pay for the license, or use those pictures illegally.

We don’t recommend you do anything illegal because it can lead you to something you don’t want. So, writing off that option, the best thing you can choose is to include graphic designing in your brief when you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design.

Brochure, pamphlet, invitation letter, or such kind of thing

In addition to graphic designing, you might also want them to create more advanced products such as brochures, pamphlets, invitation letters, on any such kind of thing. The question is, will we get what we want since all of those things are not related to PowerPoint presentation design?

Well, it might depend on each individual. But when you have graphic designing, why should you limit it only to PowerPoint presentation design? A lot of PowerPoint experts will welcome the request if you ask them.

However, sometimes it would become a personal request, and the person you hire would ask for an extra fee. But when you already love their works, why don’t you bring your partnership with them to the next level?

Oh, keep in mind that the service most likely does not include the printing process. Like the PowerPoint service, most of them will only provide a soft file final product and have to print it by yourself.

Of course, they can give you presentation advice

The last thing you want to hear after a tiring process of creating your presentation and presenting it to the audience is bad feedback. But what else would we do if we’ve already done the best that we can in that presentation?

That’s why don’t you ask for your PowerPoint expert to give some feedback about your presentation first before letting it go public? Wait, is it possible to ask for that when you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design? Of course, you can.

Your hired PowerPoint expert has dealt with hundreds or thousands of huge companies every single day. They must have known some little tweaks or characteristics that make the company’s presentation belong to that class.

But not only about your slide design and content, but you can also ask for them to become your first audience. You can ask them to watch you present the already done presentation, give some feedback, and further work together on making your whole presentation better.

Come on, and you hire their service to help you create an unforgettable presentation. Why you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design only? Come on, the title of the job is “PowerPoint expert,” not just “PowerPoint design expert.”

Can they do infographics? Please, hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design

When you hire a PowerPoint expert for a presentation, you hire an expert in designing graphics and experts in processing information. Do you know any other thing that includes the two of them? Yes, an infographic combines information and graphic, thus the name.

Well, since creating PowerPoint slides and creating an infographic both use the processing of information and graphics, can we order an infographic from a PowerPoint expert? Sshhh… Those PowerPoint experts secretly can do that order too.

Yes, when you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design, you can ask them to create some infographics in the slides. Some clients still do not know about this extra service that a PowerPoint expert can offer, while infographics can improve the quality of your presentation.

Infographics can decipher complex information easily because it features two kinds of media: text and picture. It is an effective medium to tell information, and it is also visually attractive, which will further attract your audience’s attention.

Using infographics in your PowerPoint slides will also make you look classier because who else put infographics in PowerPoint slides except for ‘professional’ presenters? That’s why, if you want to upgrade your presentation, make sure to ask about infographics when you hire a PowerPoint expert for a presentation.

Wait, they can also create a personal color palette just for you?

According to an article published on the Interaction Design Foundation website, color theory is the collection of rules and guidelines which designers use to communicate with users through appealing color schemes in the visual interface.

It implies that colors can communicate something, and when presenting, we want to communicate with literally anything to our audience. So, does it mean that the choice of color we use should tell something to our audience instead of just as beautifying aspect of our presentation? Yes.

Anyway, choosing the right color, let alone a group of colors, to communicate something to our audience is not easy. It gets more difficult when we have to include an identity of something, like the color scheme of a particular brand or the color scheme of a company’s logo.

But why bother doing such kind of thing? Just ask the expert you hire! “But we don’t hire any color analysts,” you said? You already have one when you hire a PowerPoint expert for a presentation! The PowerPoint expert can do the job as well as professional color analysts.

Don’t you realize that most of their works are based on a specific color palette? Most PowerPoint experts even create a specific color palette first before designing the presentation slides. The purpose is to prevent any unwanted contrast in their design. So, if you want only their help to create your color palette, mostly your request will be accepted.

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Any other needs? Just ask when you hire a PowerPoint expert for presentation design

Imagine you are already a regular client to a PowerPoint expert or PowerPoint design company like RRGraph Design. Today, you get a job from your boss to design a website for your company’s online portfolio. Would you consult with the expert or the company about this job? Why not?!

We RRGraph Design is a bunch of experts, not only about PowerPoint but also many other things. Do you need to design a website? Some members of our team can help you with that. Do you need to set up an online class or online quiz? Some members of our team can do that perfectly.

Do you need an offensive fullback in your FIFA Pro Clubs for tomorrow night’s promotion battle? Many of us can do that too! Just ask us about anything you need, and we will try our best to give you the solution.

A lot of our clients also asked us to do the things we mentioned above. All of those things written in this article are based on our true experience. Thus, if you want to ask one of those things mentioned above, you would not be the first to do that.

No need to feel awkward about your request, because like we said earlier, we welcome any request.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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