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Video Marketing: A Complete Guide

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Guest Writer

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In today’s digital era, marketing strategies have shifted from brochures to interesting content that we usually see on social media and other digital platforms. One of the most frequently used mediums is video.

Various kinds of videos – from short tutorial videos to video reviews for endorsements, always fill our social media feeds. Some are even going viral and are being talked about a lot.

The use of video as a marketing tool is what we usually know as video marketing.

Here, the question that arises is, “why is video marketing an essential strategy in a marketing campaign?”

In this article, we will provide a complete review of video marketing, from definitions to tips.

What is video marketing?

As we discussed earlier, video marketing is a marketing strategy that uses video content as a medium.

Whether it’s live-action video or animation, if the content is presented to promote an item or product, then we can call it video marketing.

However, video marketing is not always overt or overly promotional, you know!

Many brands, startups, and businesses are aware that consumers today are very selective. Therefore, they usually use the storytelling method to make their messages look less pushy.

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Why is video marketing effective?

There have been many statistics stating that video marketing is one of the most effective and profitable marketing strategies.

Over 76% of marketers say that video can increase their sales. Not only that, but 86% of them also saw an increase in website traffic from video marketing.

Why video marketing?

Then, why is video marketing an effective marketing strategy?

Videos can illustrate concepts

Videos don’t just tell you how a product or service will help potential customers. They also illustrate and show how they can provide solutions. Even a small part of video like micro-interactions.

In fact, the illustrations used are able to touch someone’s feelings when they see it, sad, happy, down, happy. From this ability to attract potential customers emotionally, you can easily influence and convince them to buy your product.

Video explains shorter and more concise

In today’s digital era, potential customers are too busy to read text from paragraphs which only complicates the explanation they need.

With a combination of visual and audio elements, videos offer a shorter and more concise way of explaining a concept.

So, don’t be surprised if 1 minute of video equals 3 pages of text written by the brand on the product page, FAQ, or About Us.

Easy share videos

If you upload a video on a video platform like YouTube, you can share it to other social media and right emails in just seconds.

Shared videos will also display thumbnails or preview images that can attract the attention of audiences.

Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and almost all social media or features that are currently popular use video as a medium.

Internet users immediately look for videos when they need cooking recipes, yoga, to instructions to clean the fan without disassembling it.

Not only marketers, but content creators are also intensively producing video content to increase their engagement and get new audiences or potential customers.

Types of videos used

Video marketing is very synonymous with video advertising. However, did you know that actually video ads can still be grouped and of many types?

Well, in the video marketing strategy itself, there are several video ads that are often used, including

Explainer videos

One type of video that is often used by professional brands is explainer videos. The duration tends to be short (approximately 90 seconds) and its function is to explain how a product or business works.

Typically, these videos use animation to convey and simplify complex messages and grab the attention of the viewer.

No wonder brands from the technology, blockchain, and medical industries choose this type of video as their marketing tool.

Video tutorials

Prospective customers or consumers will be more interested in a product if they know how to use product.

In this case, video tutorials can help brands or businesses provide step-by-step guidance or steps that consumers can take so that they can make good use of their products.

Video trailer

The video trailer is a way to advertise a product or service by providing some important information about the product.

This video is used as a “leak” by a brand that wants to launch a product or new features. These leaks often invite the curiosity of the audience to be interested in the products that will be launched soon.

Testimonial videos

Video testimonials are used to build trust between brands and potential customers.

This video shows some consumers who are satisfied and happy with a product. They tell how products from a brand can help them find solutions to the problems they are facing.

In other words, these testimonials can convince potential customers that your brand can offer ways that can help them achieve their goals.

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Steps to create a video marketing plan

You must first plan a video marketing campaign before doing so. That way, you don’t lose your way when creating videos.

Now we jump into things to know before starting a video marketing campaign strategy.

After we’ve looked at the examples and figured out how to create engaging video marketing, there are also some important things you need to know before starting your strategy.

By understanding the things below, you can better ensure that the videos you make can be seen by the right people, at the right time, with the right message so that they can bring the results you expect.

Define and identify your target audience

Before starting anything, it is very important to know who will be watching your video.

If you understand who the target audience of the video will be or potential customers, it will be much easier to create messages that are relatable, use their language, and match the content they usually consume. This is where you get the idea of ​​how to create interesting video content.

Set goals

Clarify the purpose of your business and the purpose of the video-making. Define your audience segmentation and purpose. Each segment has its own criteria, so the objectives are different.

After that, set goals that can be achieved through video marketing. These goals can vary, from increasing brand awareness, and SEO, to conversions.

After knowing the target audience, it’s time to understand the purpose of the video itself. Are you making videos to build a solid digital presence? Do you make videos to introduce new products to the public?

By knowing the purpose of the video clearly, you can choose the right type of video. For example, if you want to build a digital presence, then videos like explainer videos or product demonstrations are a great choice.

Publication media

Decide what platform you want to use to release the video. Choose the best one to distribute your videos. Each platform has different characters and conditions. You have to consider it so that video marketing is effective and maximal.

A video marketing strategy isn’t just about video production. You also have to disseminate or distribute the video so that it can be watched by more people – be it on social media or your own website.

The thing to remember is to choose the right platform or channel. For example, video marketing with a landscape format is more suitable as content for Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. While the portrait format can be used as a video homepage.

Release time

You need to estimate when the release time will attract maximum attention from the audience. That way, you can determine how long it will take to produce a video, especially if you’re chasing a certain momentum.

Budget plan

Determine the budget needed to produce the video until its publication. This must be carefully considered so that the costs do not swell.

Don’t get in the middle of production, you just realize if the time and budget you have is too short or even not qualified.

Therefore, plan the deadline and budget in advance. How much production time do you have, or how much money can you spend on the production of the video?

Make video performance easy to measure

Measuring video marketing performance is no less important than the production and distribution process itself. You can see the effectiveness of the video and understand what can be improved for the next video marketing strategy.

Therefore, it is important to use software or features such as Google Analytics or Instagram Insights, or YouTube Studio Analytics.

Important tips in video marketing

Of course, not all strategies that use video can work effectively. As with other marketing strategies, you have to put in the energy and time to make sure that video marketing works the way you expect it to.

Some of the points below will help you create a video marketing strategy that attracts the attention of potential customers and even persuades them to try the product or service that you are currently marketing:

Create short videos

No viewer is willing to waste time just watching a video ad. Remember, you will be making a video with the aim of marketing a product, not a vlog. Therefore, it is very important to make videos with a short duration (maximum 2 minutes).

You can start the video with a question or an important fact to grab the viewer’s attention from the first second when they click on your video.

Make a story

From the examples discussed above, most video marketing strategies in today’s era rely heavily on stories and plots.

So, it’s better not to focus on the mainstay features of the product or service you offer, but to present the audience with an interesting story. If your story is entertaining, your video will not only make your “advertising” messages more receptive, but it can also create a positive impression on viewers.

Show brand personality

Brand personality is one element of brand identity that is used to measure or describe a characteristic or personality of a brand. Businesses use this personality as their hallmark that can differentiate them from their competitors.

In a video marketing strategy, you can show your personality as a brand. This can make your brand more approachable and relatable.

Don’t forget CTA

Effective video marketing always includes a call-to-action (CTA) at the end or even at the beginning of the video. This CTA helps viewers to take further action, such as buying a product, visiting your Instagram page, following your YouTube channel, visiting a website, etc.

For example, if you are making a video about a product demonstration, you can write “Get This Product Now at __” on the video display.

Don’t be confused

Make sure your message is short, concise, and easy to understand.

If what you say is too convoluted and even makes the viewer think hard just to understand your points, they will simply click the close “X” button on the video.

Insert captions or subtitles

Many viewers watch videos on their smartphones or tablets. Many of them also choose to turn off the sound, so they can still watch videos in public places.

In this case, adding or inserting captions or subtitles in video marketing is very necessary so that they still understand the meaning of your video even though they don’t listen to voice-over or dialogue.

Start your video marketing strategy now!

Well, now we understand why video marketing is a marketing strategy that is currently widely used by businesses, startups, and marketers. We also know what things you should do to create an effective video marketing strategy.

But, there is something to remember again, here. Video marketing is a marketing strategy that requires patience and consistency. So, don’t expect you will get successful and go viral when you upload your first video.

If you are consistent with production and always come up with brilliant ideas, there will be a great opportunity for long-term profits that can also give your business long life.

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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