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Zoom Presentation Tips to Inspire Your Audiences

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana

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Zoom presentation tips to make your content more engaging

Today, remote work has become the new normal for companies worldwide. We need remote presentation skills in the modern job market. One should use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to engage the audience and demonstrate expertise through video conferencing tools.

Zoom is a meeting solution for finding someone in the digital world who has never been to a Zoom meeting. To successfully do a Zoom presentation, we need Zoom presentation tips to Inspire your audiences. What are some Zoom presentation tips for telling your story, engaging your audience, and avoiding virtual meeting mistakes? How can you make sure your remote audience is involved with your presentation?

Read our compelling list to learn twenty of the best Zoom presentation tips to help you build human connections in the virtual meeting era.

Twenty of the best Zoom presentation tips

Here are Zoom Presentation Tips :

1. Understand the audience

The most crucial Zoom presentation tips to think about the audience are the audience’s needs from the presentation Zoom and using the right tone of voice and vocabulary.

After understanding the audience, then we will design a Zoom presentation easily.

2. Create and present

When creating a slide presentation, you need to make a broad audience likely to listen from various devices and platforms. We need to design content, images, and layouts to be compatible and friendly to everyone. Everyone should be able to see the information. You need to test your presentation on different devices and resolutions. When presenting, you must keep in mind that too much time in front of the screen can cause audience focus problems. Try setting the Zoom presentation time. That is one of the zoom presentation tips which we can develop.

3. Use the Zoom tool

There are several tools for Zoom, such as the Zoom app, google meeting, Ms. Teams, and others. This Zoom tool can share screens, annotations, live polls, etc.

4. Explain presentation slides like telling a story

Telling an exciting story is one of the Zoom presentation tips to inspire your audiences. This method creates an emotional connection with the audience, helping them better understand and remember important information in business and education. Before telling a story, we must not forget the purpose of the topic and the atmosphere we will create when giving a presentation. During presentations, we can insert Tell relevant jokes such as humor. Humor is a great way to lighten the mood and grab the audience’s attention. Other than that, we can tell a short story. Telling an interesting story can make your audience curious to know more.

5. Use visual information

Visual information is easier to understand and remember when presenting ideas visually than just text. Therefore, we need visual information in Zoom presentation slides. Using visual information is part of the Zoom presentation tips to Inspire your audiences.

Here are some Zoom presentation tips for slides:

  • We can use data visualization with charts and graphs to communicate data and figures.
  • Data visualization with maps. We turn geographic data and insights into interactive maps for cities, regions, etc.
  • Data visualization with pictures and videos to explain how things work, emphasize ideas or draw attention to your message.
  • Data visualization with graphic elements. This element is to communicate an ongoing process, plan, or situation.
  • We can use data visualization with GIFs and stickers. GIFs can help create the right image in an audience’s head.

6. Look professional

We must do with what our audience can see and hear is to appear professional in front of the audience. We can use natural light and use lights to make the virtual presentation look good. We can sit near the window and ensure the light is not behind us. Don’t distract your audience by displaying your home office.

After that, we have to make sure the sound is clear, and the audience can hear clearly. Buy a high-quality external microphone and upgrade to a premium webcam to ensure your audience can listen to and see you clearly when presenting on Zoom.

7. Make sure your Zoom presentation has a good flow

Zoom presentation tips are good with storytelling and have excellent flow – both stories and presentation slides. We can use free PowerPoint templates.

8. Use of body language

We must be confident and persuasive to the audience. The use of body language is one of Zoom’s presentation tips. Body language to attach the camera to make eye contact with the audience. Use your hands at the start of a video call to create warmth with your audience.

9. Don’t hide behind the slide

We must appear in front of the audience by using good body language. Appear in front of the audience one of the Zoom presentation tips to inspire your audiences. Remember, avoid showing only slides in the presentation.

10. Activate your audience

The important Zoom presentation tips for engaging your audience in your presentation include giving your audience a chance to ask questions, discuss, and express their ideas. Remember, we must make eye contact with your audience and look directly into your camera to make eye contact online.

11. Make better Zoom presentations

Making better Zoom presentations is part of the tips to Inspire your audiences. Some of the ways we can do that are to add a virtual camera to share content and ideas, such as :

a. Check your equipment

Before the presentation, we should check all the technical equipment to see if it is working correctly. Here are a few things to consider before your presentation:

b. Check internet connection

We recommend using a reliable high-speed internet connection to ensure a smooth Zoom presentation. Share the screen confidently.

c. Test audio and video

We should check the camera and microphone are working correctly. Then make sure your audience sees your face by adjusting your camera level. Turn off the video and audio to avoid tension. Then, hide non-video participants. Mute all participants to prevent noise interference.

12. Look at the camera

Many presenters tend as if they are looking down. One way to do this is to highlight the focal point with a buffer, sign, or other visual cues to keep your eyes on the camera. Paste notes below or next to the webcam to keep you looking directly at your audience. Look at the camera is part of the Zoom presentation tips to Inspire your audiences. The audience should see when you speak and what movements you make. They should have a clear view of your face when presenting.

13. Stand up

Standing presenters exude confidence in their presentations. You can breathe easier, helping to project your voice and increasing your energy when standing. Stand up when a presentation is part of the Zoom presentation tips to inspire your audiences.

14. Minimize the potential for distraction

A Minimize Distraction is part of the Zoom presentation tips to Inspire your audiences. Start the presentation in a quiet area, and close all other open applications and windows on the computer. We can also turn off notifications and sounds to interrupt meetings and distract you.

15. Wearing polite clothes

Wear something that looks smart and makes you feel good about yourself. Dress like you are visiting the office or making a public presentation. Don’t wear pajamas. So, this is an effective zoom presentation to inspire the audience.

16. Use exciting props

Using props can break the monotony of your presentation. Using motion and visual objects can also help grab your audience’s attention. Using exciting props is one of the Zoom presentation tips to inspire your audiences.

17. Use the chat feature

The Zoom chat feature is one way to engage your audience without interrupting the flow of your presentation, such as asking your audience a question and letting them answer via the chat feature or asking them to ask you a question in the chat feature. In addition, the audience can provide their comments related to your presentation or topic in the chat.

18. Create a checklist

We need to create a list to review what you need to complete before the event or activity. The purpose of this checklist is to avoid errors. So, this is an effective zoom presentation to inspire the audience.

19. Speak clearly

Before the presentation, we can write down the crucial points, and then we have to speak and pronounce them fluently. We also have to make sure your entire audience can follow what we talk about in the presentation.

20. Record presentation

After creating the presentation content, we have to do the exercises. We can record ourselves in a video. Then, we evaluate the tone of voice to keep the audience focused. Records are not only for others but also for ourselves. We should record the presentation for future reference. In addition, recordings to review questions and comments and understand our behavior and dynamic content. With regards to recordings, we can make better presentations later.

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Have you understood Zoom presentation tips?

This article has helped you prepare well and give an impactful presentation that people won’t be able to forget any time soon. We’ve covered various Zoom presentation tips to inspire your audiences.

Remember, Even though a Zoom presentation is a remote presentation, you still need to be confident, dress to impress, and make eye contact. Most importantly, it would help if you put more effort into engaging your audience.

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