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Top Tips To Help Plan Your Marketing Presentation

Guest Writer
Guest Writer

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If you’re searching for new clients, you must prepare a marketing presentation that convinces them of your product or service.

By presenting yourself to potential customers, you are providing the opportunity to describe what you do as a professional or as a business and how you can assist them.

Presentations play a significant role in expanding the customer database. Making them as practical as possible is essential.

Sending a presentation that has been seen thousands of times will not help you catch the prospect’s attention and interest.

Thus, in this article, we’ll provide the top 13 tips to help you plan your marketing presentation.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Choose a marketing presentation template

In creating a marketing presentation, you’ll want to pay attention to the structure and design.

Creating an effective presentation requires the use of a consistent, high-quality design.

Designing a product from scratch can take a long time and be challenging if you don’t have any experience in the area.

The good news is that other solutions allow you to save time and effort. 

As with newsletters, such as the Flodesk newsletter examples, presentations can be handled similarly.

Using a marketing presentation template, for example, you’ll be able to get a professionally designed presentation that only requires a few adjustments and tweaks to be personalized.

2. Don’t stray from your brand’s palette or style

Brand identification should be immediately related to your marketing presentation. Audiences and potential clients who attend or receive your presentation should be able to connect it directly to your business as soon as the first slide is displayed.

Using the brand’s colors, placing your logo per slide, and using the tone and style that your brand generally uses can help you accomplish this.

3. Establish the message you wish to convey through your presentation

When you prepare a presentation, you probably have some business objective in mind and want your audience or recipient to take action.

For your presentation to be effective and help you achieve your goal, you need to design and craft it accordingly.

For example, to convince prospects that you can provide them with what they need, they might need to see examples of your previous results, your way of working, and how you usually operate.

It’s all information you can’t leave out of your presentation. Thus, please note each of them and include them all. 

4. Draft your marketing presentation based on the audience’s or prospect’s background

Making a marketing presentation that lacks personalization will not produce the results you want.

An impersonal presentation might not address what a potential client is experiencing and wants to resolve. Because of this, you must tailor your marketing presentation to the background of your audience or prospect.

Suppose that one of your potential clients is having trouble gaining visibility. You might leverage this pain point throughout your presentation and present customized solutions to help them overcome that specific problem.

5. Tell a story that engages your audience

A simple listing of your competencies and results so far may annoy your recipients or audience.

To avoid this, you can use one of the most powerful aspects of marketing: storytelling.

It’s more likely that your audience will engage with your content when it is personal and relatable. The act of telling a story helps you establish a connection by introducing characters (fictional or real) who have problems you can solve.

Use practical, real-life examples throughout your presentation to tie the presentation together effectively.

You’ll get your point across in a more compelling, engaging manner while entertaining your audience.

6. Simplicity is key

Although you may be tempted to write as many details as possible within your marketing presentation to make it more credible, the opposite will occur if you do so.

Having too many slides and enriching each one too much will annoy users, and they might reject it immediately.

Keeping your presentation concise and straightforward will help you to avoid this.

Think about limiting the number of slides to a maximum of 10 or 20 slides, and don’t overload each slide with visuals and text.

7. Use visuals to your advantage

marketing presentation

Creating a marketing presentation that consists solely of text looks quite dull and does not attract the attention of your potential clients.

Hence, marketing presentations include powerful visual elements like images, graphs, etc.

As a result, with such elements, you will be able to convey your message more clearly and present more complex ideas more simply.

Don’t place random images just for the sake of doing so. Each of them should be placed with meaning and related to the context of the text. The best is when they are explanatory.

8. Add testimonials

marketing presentation

When making a marketing presentation to hire more clients, you should give as much proof as possible that you are a reputable and trustworthy company.

The most effective way to prove such concepts is through reviews and testimonials.

Considerations and opinions of your clients can lend a touch of credibility to the presentation you make to your potential clients.

9. Add voiceover or background music to your marketing presentation to make it more dynamic

marketing presentation

Making your marketing presentations more dynamic may be better if you’re sending them and not holding them in person.

Put yourself in the shoes of the people who will receive your presentation and have to read it slide by slide. You can imagine how boring that can be. Adding a bit of dynamism, on the other hand, will enhance the overall experience.

For instance, you might want to add a voiceover to prevent them from having to read. In the same way, you can add dynamic elements to enhance the experience, like background music.

10. Create an interactive presentation

Whether you deliver your presentation in person or online, you may want to make it more engaging by making it interactive.

You might, for instance, want some elements of your presentation to be interactive, for example, by employing effects like transitions and animations that rotate when clicked or by asking questions and playing games (e.g., quizzes) if presenting in person.

It will make the audience more attentive while listening and reading and make the presentation more memorable.

11. Include relevant data

marketing presentation

The use of statistics and other relevant data can help you reinforce the importance of a concept, situation, or result.

This is why you must incorporate them into your marketing presentation. 

For example, you might want to share statistics about the market in which the client’s business operates and other numbers that reflect their current situation and what you hope to achieve through your work.

In addition to impressing them, such data will make you or your business more credible and professional.

12. Provide contact details, website URLs, etc.

marketing presentation

The final slide of your marketing presentation should include where and how potential clients can contact you if you convince them and wish to do business with you.

Therefore, make sure you include a link to your website and an email where they can contact you with any questions.

In addition, you may want to add all the social media links on which your business is present. In this way, even if prospects or your audience aren’t ready to do business with you yet, they can still follow your business, keep up with it, and contact you if they need it.

13. If you are presenting in person, prepare an effective speech

marketing presentation

If you plan on giving your marketing presentation in person, you will have to prepare your speech in advance.

This will help you avoid embarrassing moments of silence and memory lapses while speaking in front of an audience.

Hence, make sure you prepare your speech and practice it before the presentation. Put the proper emphasis on the concepts you wish to highlight and keep them concise.

Additionally, repeat the speech in front of a mirror or record yourself and listen to it again to ensure it sounds excellent and engaging.

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Marketing presentations are still one of the most effective tools for gaining customers and extending brand awareness.

For your marketing efforts to be practical and stand out from the competition, you must follow some best practices.

This blog post outlined the top 13 tips to help you plan your marketing presentation effectively, including how to use storytelling and how to use templates to make a fantastic presentation.

Regardless of the tips you choose to follow, and they will bring you the expected results.

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Flavia Silipo is a skilled SEO copywriter and digital marketing specialist with over two years of experience. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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